Swift defies critics with new single and album

It’s the news that all dedicated Swifties have been waiting for since 2012, when Taylor’s last album RED became her biggest success yet

It’s the news that all dedicated Swifties have been waiting for since 2012, when Taylor’s last album RED became her biggest success yet. The multi-award winning singer and songwriter has spent the last two years touring, acting and having a general good time, while her fans have waited patiently for new material to drop.
In a live chat broadcast world-wide on August 18th, Swift revealed that her new album will be released on October 27th, while the new single, ‘Shake It Off’ is available right now.
1989, named after the year Swift was born, is an 80’s inspired pop album, and sees Swift progressing from her previous album by shaking off even more of her country roots, and experimenting with different styles of music.
If the first single is anything to go on, Swift is sticking to her easy-to-remember and desperately catchy lyrics, as well as her permanent message to be yourself and never let anybody get you down.
Haters gonna hate
Swift’s music video for the new single has received instant criticism from people for being tasteless, in the wake of what’s been happening in Ferguson, Missouri for the past few weeks.
The video shows Taylor in several dance styles – a ballerina, robot, contemporary dancer and street dancer – and showcases some black dancers strutting their stuff. Swift has been slammed on social media for her ‘ill timing’ in releasing such a video when the USA is so up in arms over racial stereotyping.
While nobody condones the violence occurring in Ferguson, it seems hard to link the music video of a pop star to such an extreme political situation. Stars like Lena Dunham have tweeted in support of the singer, whose music video was undoubtedly recorded and finished before the race war in Missouri began.
As for Swift herself, she seems unperturbed by the comments being made against her, and sticks instead to the lyrics of her latest song, insisting that negative comments should just be shaken off. Ironically, those criticising her work seem only to be enforcing the message of her song. 
Busy and successful
Taylor Swift has been one of the fastest rising stars of our generation, and while she’s either loved or loathed, her success is undoubtedly down to her good nature, great song writing and showbiz presence. Despite people’s attempts to drag her name through the mud, Swift will no doubt make 1989 her biggest album to date, as loyal fans will follow her anywhere and everywhere.
With a new movie premiering next month, as well as a best-selling line of shoes for Keds, Swift has a lot to smile about. And with a number one album that hasn’t even been released yet, you can’t say she doesn’t deserve to. 
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