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Student loan not enough? These jobs can provide you with extra income

fruit picking
Written by Nigel Simpkins

With student loans often failing to cover student needs, many students are being forced to get part-time jobs in order to get by. The perks of working during the holidays cannot be stressed enough. As a matter of fact, research has suggested that students who work get better grades than non-working students. A good college job will offer flexible working days (whether during the summer holidays or during school term) and enough money to pay bills. Even as you are adapting to school life, a job will give you the funds to buy essential items and even have some left for fun activities.

Bartending Jobs

Bartenders are very focused people who work in fast-paced environments. They take orders, serve drinks, and mix all kinds of cocktails. During the summer, a lot of bars around beach destinations have an influx of customers and may need a helping hand. As long as you have met the required age limit, these bars are the best place to start looking for a position. If you get lucky, you will be able to meet new people while making good cash. Also, remember to display a smile and you’ll get popular in no time.

Working in Shops

If you are good at memorizing recipes or you have a knack for making latte art, your skills can be used better as a barista. This job would involve brewing coffee and serving coffee drinks. An added advantage is that you can get tips from generous customers. You can start your search by submitting your resume to the local Starbucks or other coffee shops.

Cleaning and Pool Jobs

Because summer is the busiest season for pools and beaches, a lot of summer jobs exist for students who are looking to get some extra quid. You can work as a lifeguard at the neighborhood pools or public beaches. This position can also help you in keeping fit while protecting swimmers. You also shouldn’t find any problem getting a job as pool cleaner especially since everyone needs their pool cleaned during the summer. You can start making dough in no time by contacting reputable cleaning companies and landing contracts.

Camp Counselor

While summer camps have been around for more than a century in the USA, their popularity in the UK has only started rising over the last four decades. If you fancy interacting and watching over a group of kids away from home for a few weeks, then working as a camp counselor is the perfect job for you. Depending on the type of camp, this role can benefit you in your future career. For example, if you’re studying art, an art-oriented camp can be very beneficial.

Gardening Job

If you possess comprehensive knowledge of botany and horticulture, a job as a gardener will suit you. This job entails designing and maintaining gardens, lawns and parks that are environment friendly and eye catching. Another interesting part of this job is fruit picking. There is nothing more satisfying than welcoming the summer warmth by picking sweet smelling cherries and strawberries. The pay can also be good depending on the employer but you should be ready to get your hands dirty and eat some free fruits.

A part-time job as a student can earn you important skills while also expanding your resume. If you have time to spare, get yourself a job and support yourself financially.