student life

Adapting to the university lifestyle

Written by SophieAvery07

I’m in my first year of university, studying psychology at the University of East Anglia. So far, I have really enjoyed my experience at university: making friends, becoming more independent and my course. I’m living on campus at the moment with seven other flat mates, who are all really nice and I get along well with them.

Finding a balance

I try to keep to a good ratio of doing work and having my own spare time to meet with friends. This helps me keep on track, as well as having a good time. I’ve already completed several assignments, which were predominantly challenging and the feedback has helped me to understand what I need to improve on for next time. Both my lecturers and advisers are so welcoming and helpful, who have helped me to settle in quicker and adapt to the university lifestyle.

Making my own decisions

I enjoy the freedom of being away from home, as I can be more independent and make my own decisions. This has also helped me become aware of my financial situation and I now plan weekly how I will spend my money and budget for certain events. I never needed to do this whilst at home and this skill is already benefiting me to fit my lifestyle. I have also joined the yoga society with my friends, which gives us something to do on our days off and to socialise with other first years.

Over all…

My first term has been relatively easy-going and successful, as I made many new friends, some I know will be life-long. I’m enjoying the course and feel ambitious to achieve a good degree to get a good career in the future.