Shakespeare at the Movies

To see or not to see, or at least that is the question William Shakespeare would be asking if he were still alive today.

As the world of modern entertainment is growing faster and faster, Macbeth isn’t just a play to be seen on the stage any more.

I am not talking about a live performance being streamed, Shakespeare’s infamous Scottish play has been taken to our screens.

Cinematic Shakespeare adaptations are sure to be an asset to the education system. Looking back at my younger years when I had to study Romeo and Juliet at school, myself and fellow pupils did not always understand the text, so we were able to watch the 1996 film adaptation by director Baz Luhrman to make the story more understandable. 


Yet although spoken word was mostly in Shakespearian, it was due to the scenes, costumes and music that we were able to follow the story.

Perhaps this is a new attempt to make the arts and theatre more accessible? If people attend cinema screens, will this encourage people to go to the theatres to see what it is all about?  

Not convinced yet?

Fear not my dear Kettle readers, for soon you will have the chance to experience Shakespeare like no other.

As next month Macbeth will be hitting British cinemas. Yes that well known story about a duke of Scotland, three witches and a murder is soon to be hitting our cinema screens, with Michael Fassbender to play Macbeth – even if you are not a fan of Shakespeare it may be worth seeing it just for him.

If ever I have a conversation about Shakespeare, whether it is with a lover or non-lover of theatre, I tend to hear the same thoughts, in that they are put off by it due to the language barrier.  So for a play to be turned into a film, I would like to hope that it will change their ideas of the famous wordsmith.


Macbeth is due to be released in October this year.