I never knew that! With Kettle TV Editor Alexandra Goode

At Kettle Mag the editors remain hidden away in Kettle Towers occupying themselves with ideas, proofing, tweeting, and keeping their ears tuned to the latest news. But what do we know about these busy creatures? Here at frivolity over the coming weeks we intend to find out…and this week we prise open the thoughts of outgoing TV editor Alexandra Goode!

My parents don’t know this about me but…

I’ve secretly always wanted to be a singer. I grew up surrounded by the music industry and was always told how difficult it is and how music and fame is no kind of lifestyle. That’s never stopped me singing in my car and pretending, though!

What is your favourite word that rhymes with Kettle?

Petal – because it’s what I used to call little kids in my restaurant.

How long after you wake up do you check your phone?

Immediately. It’s a really bad habit I got into during my journalism diploma. We had to know the news inside out every day, so I’d wake up and go straight onto the BBC news app or the Guardian and start reading stories, before I’d even sat up.

Stranded on a desert island you wouldn’t be without…

A crisp, white, lined A4 notebook and a pen, so I could keep a diary of my desert island misadventures.

What is the most revolting food you’ve ever eaten?

I was fed something in Japan by one of my relatives once. It was white and looked like a piece of fish but when I put it in my mouth it was ice cold and dissolved into a grainy mush. I’ve never recovered from the shock.

What type of programme do you enjoy watching on television?

I’m a real lover of excellent TV dramas – adaptations on the BBC or really good ITV murder thrillers. But on the whole, I love having E4 on in the background and How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory, especially if I come back late at night. That’s comfort TV and I like hearing familiar lines and names.

If you couldn’t edit the TV section for Kettle, which section would you choose?

I used to edit the Food & Drink section for Kettle, which I loved, because I am a passionate foodie and am making it my career. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable writing about food, because they don’t feel like they have the authority to do so, which is a shame. We all eat, we all drink – it’s one of life’s biggest joys.

Which friend that you met at uni is likely to be at your 60th birthday party?

Probably Jack, and I hope that he’s just as sassy as he is now when I turn 60.

Alexandra Goode, Jack, Kettle Mag

Wine or beer?

Wine, absolutely. You can’t beat a New Zealand sauvignon with a little ice and lemonade.

Cat or dog?

I love them both, but I’m allergic to cats. I’ll definitely be getting a dog in the future.

Football or rugby?

I know little to nothing about both sports. Can you not include badminton on that list?

Android or iphone?

iPhone – I come from an Apple loving family who were on board with it all right from the beginning. We’ve got some vintage iMacs lurking around somewhere.

Apart from writing, what other creative talents do you have?

I’m quite arty and creative on all fronts. I can’t draw or paint, but I love to scrapbook and make cards. Digitally, I’m always fiddling on InDesign and Photoshop, laying out posters and menus.

If you were a punctuation mark, what would you be?

A hyphen – it gives you the opportunity to add more detail.

What is your most unappealing habit?

I am forever playing with my hair. Every time I get it cut, it’s with the intention of making it easier to style so I can just roll out of bed, but that never happens.

What would you like to be remembered for?

I would just like to be remembered. I don’t need to be famous in general, just remembered as having changed the field of whatever I end up doing.

Have you ever volunteered for anything?

Alexandra Goode, volunteering at Literature, Kettle Mag

I was a volunteer for Cheltenham Festivals before I became a paid member of the festival team. It was one of the best things I’d ever done, which is why I kept going back. Some organisations really care about their volunteers and make sure they’re well-fed and happy.

Who so far, family or otherwise has influenced you in your life?

All my family had a huge influence on me growing up, because they’re all in different parts of the world. Every time I went to visit them, I learnt something new about another country or culture. Everyone I have spent lots of time with – including people I’ve worked with – has taught me a new language or about where they’re from, which has really influenced how I see the world and communicate with people.

Which emoji do you use most frequently?

Smiley emoji, Alexandra Goode

What was the last song you listened to on your ipod/phone?

Oh My Love by The Score. It’s never out of my head.

What is your most over used word or expression?

‘Behave’ – I used to shout it at my chefs when they were messing around and it’s now been translated into use for any kind of rowdy situation or disagreement.

What keeps you awake at night?

Over-thinking and over-planning – I’m a terrible stress monster, even though I never show it. I will lie awake planning minute details of things that are months away. I can’t help myself.