Rihanna’s new album ‘Talk That Talk’ reviewed

Rihanna released her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk, on the 18th November.

Rihanna released her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk, on the 18th November. With Loud coming out around the same time last year, it led me to pre-judge that this album may be slightly rushed.

And it was. The tracks are dodgy, disjointed and dull. It’s like this new persona has taken over Rihanna and all she can do now is write sexy lyrics that make her this big sex icon. I recently attended her Rated R tour, she is truly mesmerising, but unlike most it was her ability to move around the stage with such a presence while her voice was still perfect that I admired. But for most, it’s the tiny outfits and thrusting around the stage. 

Track 9 on the album ‘Roc Me Out’ samples from Rude Boy, Track 8 ‘Drunk On Love’ samples from Intro from The XX – something excessively played on most dramatic TV moments at the moment. She may have thought, WOW that’s a popular bit of sampling, I’ll use it to lure in my listeners.

And Track 5… what can I say? ‘Cockiness (Love It)’ I’m not even that bothered about sexy stuff happening on TV and kids seeing it, like the whole X Factor thing where they weren’t impressed by Aguilera’s performance wearing not a lot. But the lyrics to this track are appalling!! ‘Suck my cockiness, lick my persuasion… I want you to be my sex slave, anything that I desire… I love it I love it I love it when you eat it.’ Sorry but this is something that kids, teens or whatever will be listening to and singing out loud… some girls idolise this woman and she’s just making it too rude.

The rest of the album is so mediocre. I’m really not impressed and I’ve always been such a massive Rihanna fan.

I like Talk That Talk but that’s purely only because I love me some Jay-Z.

A disappointing 2 kettles out of 5!