Revision Music Mix Tape: Top Five Study Songs

Written by GemmHirst
Yes it is that time of year again, students will know what I am talking about. The time when everyone else except you is getting excited about the summer.

Yes it is that time of year again, students will know what I am talking about. The time when everyone else except you is getting excited about the summer. And why is that?
Because it is exam season! Well here at Kettle we have found a way to take that stress out of this horrible yet important time of year.
Whether it is your SATS, GCSE’s or even your NCTJ’s for the future journalists out there. I have created a revision music mix tape for you. To make sure you are not working too hard, you should give yourself a break every five minutes and listen to some of these songs and I bet a few of them will help you revise.
Fight The Flight: Michael Ball
Okay so I admit it, this song is only in this playlist purely because of these lyrics ‘I quit the Bugle ain’t no big deal, so don’t you tell me how that should feel.’
Yes, good old Michael Ball, maybe we should just cut him some slack and get off his back and let him fight his fight. Related to those of a journalistic being it is an inspirational song. Desperately trying to get a job or work experience in the industry is a tough job but like this song says just keep fighting that fight because one day we will get there. 
So whether or not you are in the media industry or not, this song makes you have that go get em attitude.  
We all have those times where we are feeling down in the dumps and just want to forget all about revision and exams. So we just procrastinate until the day of our exam, fear not listen to this song and procrastination will be no more. Just keep your head up and keep in there.
Think of your last exam and how great that will feel. Exam time is very stressful as I am sure you are all aware, but after the exam time and results day it will be worth it and you can enjoy the sun.
Symmetry: Little Boots
So I guess you can see where I am going with this. This tune is for all you Mathematicians out there who need a break from algebraic equations, Pythagoras theorems and everything numbers.
I am not a mathematical genius, at times I wish I was, but I do enjoy Little Boots and her song Symmetry. It is a song that will get you in the mood for hardcore revision, simply getting you in the mind set to focus on your equations.
Okay, so you have had a really bad day and you are sick of staring blankly into a computer screen. There is only one thing to do and that is chill out, breathe, sleep if you must, and listen to Sweet Disposition. It is such a beautiful yet romantic song that will be the medicine to your revision headache.
Ain’t It Fun: Paramore
Don’t listen to this song till after you have finished all your exams. Listen to it before and you will never want to revise again. Procrastination will become your best friend, so my advice to you is to listen to this amazing song when you are free of that thing called revision.
Celebrate being free of revision and have some fun with Ain’t It Fun – you deserve it!
Which song gets you through a long revision session? Let us know in the comments below!