Review: Soap and Glory Christmas box set

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Written by GemmHirst

Hands up – who got bubble and beauty bits for Christmas? It’s not Christmas if you didn’t get the classic soap and body wash set.

I definitely did. I got the Soap and Glory gift box set and when I first saw it, from the box I wasn’t looking forward to it. I had never even heard of the brand let alone used Soap and Glory before, so I was apprehensive about using it. Now after the festive period is over, I am in love with the products from the gift box set. I have enjoyed lathering myself up in the smelly goodness.

A handy, yet tacky bag

The gift box itself is a rather large but handy makeup/travel bag which is great for all you gals who like me to like to travel in style. It’s a little too pop arty/tacky for me but it is a handy bag all the same and I will definitely use it again.

All together in this art pop bag of wonder are 9 products. Inside you get you a foot cream, hand cream, tanning body lotion, cleaning milk, body butter, body scrub, body wash, mascara and a lip gloss. I didn’t want to use all the products in one go so I decided to try out the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss, The Righteous Body ButterThe Scrub of your life smoothing Body Scrub and The Clean On Me creamy clarifying shower gel.

I’m not so keen on the lip gloss as it’s very flavoursome. Because it has so many flavours in there, it made my lips go funny. It lacks shine and doesn’t keep my lips as pucker as I would want them to be. It isn’t what it says on the tin.

All of the Soap and Glory products from that gift box have fruity smells of passion fruit, peaches, apricots and citrus smells which are great because I love those scents. They aren’t overwhelming, just very subtle.

Moving on to the good stuff, I’m in love with the creamy shower gel. It feels so soft and smooth on my skin when I use it and as I have sensitive skin it’s important to me that it doesn’t irritate – and it doesn’t. You just pump some out of the bottle and rub thick layers onto your skin and wash it off. It leaves your skin as smooth as a baby’s bum!

Truly a must-have

Moving from soft to the scrub, I would recommend only using the scrub once a week, as it has scrubbing beads in, so if you use it more often it may dry out your skin. The body scrub is thick and foamy but the beads can be a tad harsh on soft skin.   

Of course to help prevent dry skin, I use the body butter. After having a rather nice bubble bath or shower (whatever floats your boat), get lathers of butter and apply it to damp skin and massage until it’s all rubbed in.

From being a Soap and Glory Virgin, I’ve now popped that cherry and will definitely get these products again and look into their other products. They’re kind to my sensitive skin and the products smell amazing. You can’t beat it.

As my gift box was for Christmas, I don’t think that you can buy this gift set, but you can buy the products individually via the Soap and Glory website or you can visit stores such as Boots or Superdrug and check out the Soap and Glory counter.

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