New Year beauty resolutions

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Written by katiebraithwaite

Each New Year starts with a fresh set of resolutions to try and keep, but this year I’m setting myself some different kinds of goals – to look after my body and take better care of my skin.

1. Maintain a regular facewash routine

First things first, I’m aiming to follow the basic three-step skincare routine; cleanse, tone and moisturise. Of course I cleanse my face, especially when it comes to removing my make-up. I’ve converted from using make-up wipes to the popular micellar water, which seems to have made an appearance in everyone’s beauty bag by the end of 2015. Where you might think a wipe has cleansed your face, in reality it’s only spread any leftover muck around your face. This is fine as a quick fix after a night out, but shouldn’t become a daily occurrence.

Then comes the toning. I need to focus so much more on this. Almost every night I forget and end up skipping this bit and I’ve got no idea why. In case you didn’t know, skin toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face. It is well worth the extra few minutes every evening, as it can dramatically help prevent break-outs and keeps your skin nice and smooth.

The last part of my routine is of course the moisturising. I’m fairly good at remembering to moisturise because I suffer from dry skin, so it’s important for me to keep my skin hydrated.

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2. Drink more water

Talking about hydration, my next key resolution is to drink as much water as I can. 2015 was the first year I took drinking water seriously, before then I didn’t really think it would make much of a change to the way I felt or looked but it really does. It doesn’t just keep you hydrated but makes your skin look more radiant, on top of helping to make your hair and nails grow. I’ll definitely be taking a glass of water to bed with me every night.

3. Work on a better sleeping pattern

In addition to keeping hydrated, getting plenty of sleep is also very important to keeping a healthy mind and body. Towards the end of the first semester of this year at uni, I started to get into a reasonable sleeping pattern and had never felt that motivated in classes before. There’s nothing worse than falling asleep halfway through a lecture! It’s not always that easy to get into a good sleeping pattern but once you’ve got it, don’t go back to your old ways!

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4. Let my nails breathe

Finally, I’m thinking all about nails. I’ve always loved having my nails painted and hated the thought of having bare nails, but it’s important to let your nails breathe and actually see some sun. I’ll be ditching the colour for a while and going au natural. This helps them grow stronger, which is far better in the long run. Staying away from varnish/fake nails will also put a stop to any discolouration, which is likely after using strong colours for months on end. 2016 will hopefully bring a lot more natural shine to my nails!

So there you have my resolutions. They’re simple and easy to follow, but hopefully I’ll be seeing some great results after following these slight changes.

Do you have any beauty-related resolutions you’re trying to keep this year? Let us know in the comments below!