Review: People Just Do Nothing

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Written by Meraymix

People Just Do Nothing series 2 is over and I, for one, am sad.


The show took me back to when I used to live in West London myself. I initially started watching it completely by accident and, at first, I wasn’t that interested. But the more I watched the episodes on repeat, the more jokes I started to pick up, and soon I was watching it all the time.

The programme is so British. It takes us back to the days of Garage, Grime and Drum and Bass. Of course, none of this is new. Anyone who was around in Britain during the noughties can remember the sounds of Artful Dodger, DJ Pied Piper, DJ Luck & MC Neat, DJ EZ, Heartless Crew, plus all the underground and improvised live gigs.

For those of you who have not yet watched PJDN, it is a ‘mockumentary’ (think The Office, Come Fly with Me or Modern Family), but set in the estates of Brentford, West London. The location – a secret pirate radio station named Kurupt FM. The show’s name represents its characters: MC Grindah, the leader of the radio, a self-centered, self-praising MC who spends his time giving orders to his weed smoking mates. DJ Beats (Real name Kevin), Grindah’s right hand man, who comes across as a bit slow. Decoy and Steves, a pill popping half wit who does whatever he is ordered to do even if it’s against the law.

Oh and, not to forget Chabuddy G the ‘entrepreneur’ who owns an internet cafe and buys and sells dodgy nick nacks while doing favours for Kurupt FM. The boys mostly spend their time broadcasting to the ‘massive’ fanbase they believe they have, smoking weed, and thinking up ways to reach their followers, even though things never go exactly to plan. 

Surprisingly realistic

The humour in the show is genius because it’s not glamourised whatsoever. We grow to love MC Grindah, Beats and Steves because, somewhere or sometime in our lives, we have actually known these people. The show succeeds in showing us how harmless people like this can be and convincing us that they are happy just living life in a cramped little flat, playing music and believing they have changed the lives of people in their area. 

A positive future

I am looking forward to seeing where PJDN goes. 

Will Grindah take his girlfriend Miche onto Jeremy Kyle to find out the true paternity of his daughter Angel?

Will Beats and his girlfriend Roche get married and eventually have a child of their?

Will Steves be the dark horse to master the Jamaican Dutch adlib and take over Kurupt FM?

Will Chabuddy G win the lottery and buy himself a real sweatshop?

Let’s hope Kurupt FM is here to stay. I think the world needs MC Grindah and the crew to remind everyone: ‘Set your goals low, so you might be able to achieve them!’