Review: Is Man of Steel really worth the watch?

Written by gdeanuk

There’s two things to get out of the way before this review starts. Please move past Henry Cavill being really, really, ridiculously good looking and come with an open mind.

There’s two things to get out of the way before this review starts. Please move past Henry Cavill being really, really, ridiculously good looking and come with an open mind. Leave your Marvel comparisons and superhero envy at the door. Cavill didn’t know anything about Superman until he accepted the role so since you’ll probably want to be him, or close to him, after you see this film (if you don’t already), let’s enter this in his shoes.

You cannot find fault in the breath-taking scenery and impressive use of CGI that permeates into every section of this film, but like Kryptonite to Superman, the script is the films weakness.

Weak Script

Sometimes patronisingly obvious lines are recited for which there are no need but to fill empty air between tiringly long fight scenes. This may be down to the behind-the-scenes combo of director Zack Snyder (the man behind 300), and writers Christopher Nolan and David Goyer (Batman). The action-packed musketeers.

This superhero epic starts strong, building the foundations of a life behind the Superman that little Kal-El becomes. In a bid to rush itself to the action, the script and plot becomes loose and confused. A speedy sequence of events leads to Clarke’s discovery of his past. So fast do these events unfold that you could be left wondering how the heck he even got there in the first place, but Superman seems fairly relaxed about it all.

Frumped up Lois

It is fortunate though, that the casting is very well done. Russell Crowe’s strong performance as Jor-El props up the storyline but on the other hand, although Amy Adam’s is also a great actress, she was ‘frumped up’ for her role. Lois Lane doesn’t have to be frumpy to show that she’s just an everyday woman, Adams is capable enough to give the role its layers without having to wear a disgusting waistcoat and lack the ability to brush her hair.

Michael Shannon takes the role of General Zod with ease. The way Shannon plays the part will lead to conflicting feelings of sympathising with the villainous Krypton warrior. The villain title takes a new dimension.

Overly extended fight scenes

As mentioned, Man of Steel suffers from a severe case of the overly extended fight scenes. It is ferocious chases, heart-breaking building destruction and shootouts a-plenty. This is of course to be expected but it feels like the film has pushed all its focus in the wrong places. It’s 80 per cent action and 20 per cent plot/script and miscellaneous items. A deep breath is needed between the scenes to remember that life isn’t all about punching.

Finally the film has a disappointing climax stunted by the very thing that should have made it great, the Superhero and villain showdown. The scene feels like an afterthought, an essay where you write more lines just to reach the word count.

£125 Million since release

Considering all this, the stats don’t lie. Man of Steel has broken records and brought in an impressive $125 million since its release.

Superhero remakes are here to stay, and being really, really ridiculously good looking wins the day yet again. You’ve got us this time Cavill.

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