Review: Doctor Who, The Zygon Invasion.

This episode sees a more political Doctor Who, involving 20 million displaced Zygons hatched at the end of the 50th anniversary episode. UNIT has apparently been integrating these young aliens into human life. Most Zygons, it seems, want to live peacefully.

I can’t help but wonder why this vast storyline wasn’t mentioned in the episodes featuring Kate and Osgood we’ve had since the Day of the Doctor?

As it turns out, Osgood and her Zygon twin had been the living embodiment of the peace treaty between humans and Zygons. When one of them was killed by Missy in the last series, the other went undercover, and that’s who we’re seeing now.

Osgood has been called Steven Moffat’s gift to fans. She’s smart, hilarious and is also a major, major fangirl. Now, however, she is battle-hardened and stricken by grief.

Reports of radicalisation

The episode develops with reports of radicalisation in the younger cohorts of Zygons. They want to live as themselves and have their own home. UNIT moves quickly to violence.

“Isn’t there a solution which doesn’t involve bombing everybody?”

Well said Doctor, well said.


A brief clip of a tumbleweed made me laugh at the beginning of the episode, but it was less funny when we found out that it was the remnant of a human, disintegrated with Zygon electric powers.

The Zygons used their shapeshifting powers to obliterate an entire UNIT squadron. I was shouting at the screen “obviously they wouldn’t let hostages outside! OF COURSE they want you to go inside!! It’s a TRAP!” But then again, how could you shoot your own mother?

On a slight aside- it’s really great to see so many female military leaders on screen; the last four episodes have seen some great representation.

Back in London, Clara and the UNIT lady who operates the iPad discover an underground Zygon base holding the original human versions of Zygon copies… including Clara.

Clara’s out, Kate’s out, the IPad lady’s out; so it’s up to Osgood and the Doctor to save the world.

Zygons really are quite dangerous. And that was quite a cliffhanger.

I really like this more political element of Doctor who; see you next week!