Review: Doctor Who, The Girl Who Died

This episode had me so riled. Mainly because of Maisie Williams.

She did not disappoint. Most of the episode did, and I’m especially annoyed because the standard of Doctor Who has been so high throughout this series.

The girl who died began with the sonic sunglasses being snapped in half. Fans are delighted.

Upon arriving as prisoners in a Viking village, after some slapstick yoyo action, the Doctor and Clara were greeted by a middle aged alien in a Viking costume floating as a head in the sky.

What did Doctor Who have to dig up out of the graveyard of bad special effects to get that hologram? Seriously.

I continue to be impressed at Clara’s improv abilities when getting herself out of sticky situations, but the sheer awfulness of her opponent was much more distracting.

The deadliest warrior race in the galaxy who grind up living beings for their nutritious hormones should be much more terrifying than a singular 40-something and a few robots.

In order to win the inevitable battle between a rag tag bunch of Vikings and super alien robots from outer space, the Doctor set up a makeshift military training academy. Which was admittedly quite cute.

There was a scene in which training has gone awry, a fire has broken out, and even the CGI SMOKE is awful.

It did seem at this point that the episode could only be redeemed by Maisie Williams, who is both charismatic, a great actress and highly watchable.

This episode saved itself in the latter half. I couldn’t help but laugh at the party/ambush scene with electric eels, and the awesome power of Ashildr’s imagination, which created a terrifying snake monster which chased off the aliens. And a Viking took a snapchat. Classic.

However, Ashildr, the best character in this episode, died in the process. So… how did the alien helmet kill her? Do we ever get an explanation for this? I didn’t have time to ponder the question much, as my heart was promptly stopped.

We got a flashback to Tennant and Tate in fires of Pompeii, and I almost cried, I love them so much.

We learn that the 12th Doctor took the face of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus who was saved by the Doctor as Pompeii burned. The reason he did? To remind himself that he is the Doctor, and he saves people.

So he brings Ashildr back to life, possibly forever. This sets in motion a much larger story arc, with Ashildr/Maisie Williams potentially becoming a recurring character in future series.

And by the looks of it, she’ll be back next episode!

Oh Doctor Who, you always keep me coming back.

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