Review: Doctor Who, Face the Raven.


After last week’s semi-atrocious episode, I was pleasantly relieved to see a return to form this week.

We are randomly reunited with that guy from ‘Flatline’. Graffiti artist Rigsy is cute and I like him. He has a tattoo on his neck, counting down the minutes until he dies. The Doctor and Clara set off to find out who put it there and stop it.

We find that Maisie Wiliams has set up a refugee camp for aliens lost and abandoned on earth. It’s oddly reminiscent of Diagon Alley. And Rigsy stands accused of the murder of one of its inhabitants.

Ashildr, or ‘Me’ is a very compelling character. She has her agenda, and is both clever and relentless in fulfilling it.

However, she is genuinely devoted to the rabble of aliens she has guardianship over, but as the Doctor finds constantly; immortality and power over others are dangerous things to wield.

I so want her to return next series. 

After a lot of investigating, we find out that the whole thing was orchestrated by Ashildr/Mayor Me, who intended to take the shade off of Rigsy at this point; but unfortunately, Clara took on the shade to buy the team some more time. And there’s no getting rid of it this time.

This episode was really Clara’s. From the Jane Austen jokes to the silent scream.

I’m not Clara’s biggest fan, but this ending was genuinely heart-wrenching.

We saw her larking about and shrieking with laughter at the beginning of the episode, and the thought that comes to mind is ‘Wow. She really has been doing this a long time, hasn’t she?’ Jenna Coleman’s right when she says that Clara had almost become the Doctor. And like the Doctor, she was brave. So brave.

The Doctor is teleported to an unknown location, as per Mayor Me’s plan. He leaves with a warning to her. “The universe is a very small place when I am angry with you.”

Looks like next week will be the Doctor-only episode. Who has taken him there? And why? What will happen to him?

On a lighter note, what was the biggest surprise of the episode? I’m starting to like the sonic sunglasses.