Preview: Warning by Savannah Betts

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Written by themaxdog

Savannah Betts may not be a name you've necessarily heard before in the music industry, but once you've heard Betts' music hers is definitely a name you won't be forgetting in a hurry. The Hong Kong-born singer-songwriter is due to release her brand new EP, Warning, on 1st October. However, here at Kettle Mag we've managed to secure an exclusive preview of the EP, just for you. Enjoy!

Warning is Betts' first release since her single 'Old Toy' way back in 2013. 'Old Toy' was memorable for its strong beats, rhythm, and comfortable familiarity. This familiarity has carried forward into Warning, although musically the two are very different. In effect, Warning is there to serve as a bridge between Betts' older tracks and the exciting new sound debuted in Warning.   

So what is this new sound like?

If I had to pigeonhole Betts' music into a genre, it would have to be alternative. Though in truth, it's all very well sticking a generic label on a piece of music, but describing the sound as 'alternative' really doesn't do it justice. Warning has a detached and almost ethereal undertone, which combines perfectly with Betts' haunting vocals to create a truly unique and fresh sound. Especially compared to 'Old Toy', it's clear to see the natural progression of Betts not just as an artist and songwriter, but in a much more personal capacity too. 

Her maturity and diversity are easy to hear on the tracks, though perhaps are best represented through the choice of subject matter. Warning takes the listener on a journey through some of the more difficult, and certainly more personal aspects of Betts' life. Topics such as love, fear and depression are communicated across to the listener via Betts' excellent storytelling, making this an incredibly emotional EP. Understated yet moody instrumentals, mainly piano and guitar, accompany the highly-crafted and emotional lyrics that are a key feature of the storytelling process. 

Betts worked closely with SoShe drummer Jaimie Johnson to produce Warning. The two Newcastle-based artists have managed to create a fine collaboration which speaks volumes even through its simplicity – fun fact: Warning was actually recorded in a tiny bedroom studio! Incidentally, SoShe guitarist Alex Campbell also features on the EP, alongside John Dalziel from local Newcastle folk band Gilded Thieves. 

So without further ado, here’s “Warning”, the EP’s title track.

Savannah Betts is currently sponsored by Newcastle's Nemix Studio, where she will be celebrating the release of Warning on October 1st with an exclusive launch show. Tickets to the launch will cost £8 on the door, and you can find more information here. If you're in the area, make sure not to miss out! 

Kettle rating: 4 stars.

Perfect for fans of: Daughter, Laura Marling, The Weeknd. 

To find out more about Savannah Betts, visit her website, Facebook page, or find her on YouTube and Soundcloud

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