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Open letter to a one night stand

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Written by AbiDonoghue

Dear one night stand.

“I guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one night stand” 

I’m almost convinced that everyone has moments of doubt. Moments of earth shattering doubt. In yourself, in other people, in everything. Moments you need something to remind you that you’re there, you’re a person and you’re not all that bad.

You were there in one of these moments for me.  And I suppose I can thank you for that.

It isn’t often that you experience instant regret. This was one of those moments, and I can only apologise for letting you see the regret. It wasn’t fair on you and it wasn’t nice of me to let you see me go through that.

But I do wish that in that moment you left me be. In all aspects of the statement.

I need you to understand that it really wasn’t you. Well, it was you slightly. But it was more to do with me. It wasn’t what I wanted to happen, sober me would never have let it. Alcohol does silly things to people sometimes. 

I hate to say that it was meaningless, I don’t like to think that I am that kind of person, but of course it was. I don’t know you. Not enough for feelings of any kind to have formed anyway.

In the fear of going very Adele all of a sudden, I genuinely hope you’re okay. I never did mean for anything to happen, and I certainly never meant to hurt you.

It’s a shame really, we could have been really good friends. 


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