One to watch in folk: Introducing Ash Briggs

Only a young folk musician from the US state of Ohio, Ash Briggs introduces her new music to the North East with her self-titled EP. 19 year old Briggs uses guitar like a musical weapon, though not as an attack method more of a relaxing tool to the listeners ear.
She is like the female version of Steve Bonham or Jake Bugg, just plain and simple with a guitar and a beautiful voice it works together in perfect harmony. 
There are a lot of musicians out there who are in the folk music industry at the moment who need to take a leaf out of Ash Briggs’ book as she is going to be the one to watch.
I enjoy the variety Briggs has in her EP, often people can have a negative perception on folk music with it being old, slow and fuddy-duddy but this is far from it.
A new folk sound
Her EP has an upbeat track, “Hollow,” which is a favourite of ours here and we really liked that track. It has a catchy chorus and a feel good beat to it. Briggs is an artist to listen to during those rainy weather days and you need a pick me up because a hot cup of cocoa is not doing the trick.
I can confirm that Ash Briggs will solve that problem, and I recommend listening to opening track “Company World” as it has such a melancholy feel to it with a fusion of acoustic guitar and harmonica it should not sound right but it works.
Going beyond the musical laws and defying gravity, Ash Briggs is the musical answer to Heinz Soup. Making you feel warm inside on a cold and wintry day as in her song “Understanding, Hardly” she does sing beautifully in such an angelic tone “the changes in the weather.”
Then to “Me and You,” this is such a beautiful and emotive piece of music. She pours her heart and soul into it and with only being a young artist it is impressive how mature her emotions are in that song. As there are not many young artists who can use art, especially music to tell stories of a mature nature and I am inspired by that. 
This EP is definitely one to listen to for when you are going back to work or school. After a stressful day, this will have you in that chilled out mood in no time. 

For more from Ash Briggs check her out on Facebook and let us know what you think in the comments below!