On the mission for music with The Glass Child

Written by Kealie Mardell
The tale of Charlotte Eriksson isn’t just one of music. It’s one of a dream, and the adventure you take to make it come true. Sometimes that’s braving the unknown, and sometimes it’s just following what’s in your heart. 
From being a young 17 year old girl in Sweden, Charlotte’s journey took her to London and beyond as she dedicated her life to music and became independent artist The Glass Child. 
“I never really felt comfortable or at home in the place where I grew up,” Charlotte said. “I always felt like I was supposed to be somewhere else, that I belonged with a different group of people, so I always knew that I would leave as soon as I was finished with school…I knew that I wanted to spend my life creating that magical feeling of belonging, that I got from writing, playing and just living with music.” 
Ethereal voice and heartfelt passion
After spending the last year living in Berlin, writing and producing, her second album, I Must Be Gone and Live, Or Stay and Die, is due for worldwide release on October 21st. In what’s becoming a growing trend in the music industry, Charlotte’s album was crowd-funded, with her followers taking the PledgeMusic campaign past its goal in just four hours. 
The first single from the album came out earlier this month. “The Fall” showcases Charlotte’s almost ethereal voice and heartfelt vocals. It’s easy to feel the passion and work that’s gone into The Glass Child music, even with such a simple instrumental melody to carry the song through.  
In search for The Great Perhaps 
The life of The Glass Child was born from a passion for music, and has paved the way for her own record label, Broken Glass Records, five Eps, two full length-albums, and even a book, “Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps.” 
Charlotte published the book independently, sharing her journey as an artist and the time she spent homeless on the road in England, while still pursuing her passion for music. What started as writing on tumblr and building a following of her writings, became the book that was a part of her journey. 
“It happened very naturally, I’ve always been writing, just as a way to make sense of myself,” she said. “I learned so much, saw so much, and naturally I wrote it all down. The book was a way for me to let everyone in on this journey of mine, and I think you can understand my music in a different way too if you know where it comes from.”  
The quest to success 
While Charlotte’s journey has seen her reaching new heights in her musical career, it wasn’t without challenges to overcome. Especially within an industry where you’re exposing yourself to criticism, it’s easy to doubt yourself and your abilities, and stay focused on what you have to achieve. Luckily, the dream of The Glass Child was never lost.
“Ever since I started this journey I’ve had this strange feeling of being on a mission, a quest,” said Charlotte. “My new single, “Who Am I” is exactly about this; of feeling like what you’re pursuing is greater than yourself.” 

Through her work, The Glass Child speaks out of reaching for greatness and following your dreams. It’s about jumping in at the deep end, enjoying the ride, and embracing the opportunities.  
“Find something you love so much you can never imagine yourself living without it. Then figure out what you want, write a plan, make a decision and stick to it no matter what. Embarking on any kind of journey, mission or quest is hard. You will feel lonely, tired and lost. 
But I promise, with all my heart, that those moments when you suddenly feel like you’re in the right place at the right time, when you finally release that album, play that gig, publish that book or start that business – they will make every single moment of struggle worth it. So just go for it, it will be the adventure of your life.” 
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