Norfolk: The Perfect Staycation Destination

Written by alicemarmara

With summer making a welcomed appearance in the UK it appears the country has gone into celebration as the sun has now arrived and looks set to stay for a few weeks. One of the best ways to celebrate the weather is to take some time off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get away. Whilst it is tempting to hop on a plane and head abroad it is easy to forget what the UK has to offer.

Converted barn

About a week ago I went on a week away to Norfolk with my parents and grandparents where we stayed in a converted barn in the heart of the countryside. Our accommodation found at the end of a track was isolated from the rest of the farm which provided a much needed relaxed and quiet atmosphere. With beautiful scenery surrounding us throughout the trip it was hard to ignore the natural beauty of the UK which too often goes unnoticed.

One of the most well-known natural features of Nelson’s county are the Broads a series of seven rivers and sixty-three broads that cover a space of around 303 square kilometres. Since 1988 the area has special status similar to that of a national park to ensure the survival of the broads and the indigenous wildlife that habitats there. Whilst there are various walks and trials that allow you to see the broads the most appropriate way to see this natural feature is by boat. There are companies which offer an hour and a half guided tour with commentary at very reasonable and affordable rates which I would highly recommend.

Natural beauty

The natural beauty of Norfolk cannot be spoken off without also mentioning the coastline that runs along the North Sea. Along the coastline there was an offering of well-kept beaches and traditional seaside towns. For anyone looking for a tasty fish and chip dinner Cromer would be ideal with the smell of the British classic found all around the village. For others who are interested more in wildlife, the coast at Horsey is a must as during the Spring and Summer seals are known to bathe on the beach.

The beautiful scenery was matched by the friendliness of the locals which was evident when we went to the nearest village to us called Lodden. With a population of just over 2000, there is a real sense of community which was extended to us even though we were only there visiting for a week. The local pubs did traditional English pub grub which fit the English feel of our holiday perfectly.

Although the main selling point of Norfolk is the natural landscape, for those who love city life again this county does not disappoint. The city of Norwich, with its mixture of old and new caters for everyone. Shopping centres like Chapelfield and Castle Mall has a mixture of shops and contains all the shops you need. The Marketplace and Castle add character to the city making it unforgettable to those who go there.

As someone who has never vacationed in the UK it was remarkably refreshing to go to a part of the country I had never been before and be a tourist. I was surprised with what Norfolk had to offer, and would recommend it as a staycation destination to anyone who is looking for an escape from the business of everyday life. Without a doubt, Norfolk did not disappoint.