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No carb bread? Hell yes!

I used to bake my own bread years ago … but I also used to eat about half a loaf within hours of making it. Delicious. But not clever, especially when bread is one of the things that causes me to balloon up. That and cake, chocolate, biscuits etc. Carbohydrates.  But bread is such a staple part of an eating plan it seems a shame to do without it when one is trying to lose weight. Many eating plans later I discovered, along with my partner that what was best for us was a low carb, high fat and high protein plan…and the inevitable exercise. Up until recently I assumed this meant only eating bread on special treat days which then meant extra exercising the following day…which really takes the joy out of those few mouthfuls I was allowed.

Until last month.

Facebook feed 

Last month while having a read through my facebook feed a friend of a friend had ‘liked’ a video of no carb cloud bread. Normally I’d skip through all the videos to just get to the important news pieces such as how were my friends #dryJanuary going and what odd things they had seen on London pavements that week. That’s how I roll. But the words ‘no carb’ and ‘bread’ were not something I was used to seeing in one sentence. This was worth a watch.

And watch it I did. Three times. 

Bacon butties are back!

Suddenly my bacon and egg breakfast was about to be transformed! I could have a bacon butty on a Saturday morning! “Hell yes!”, as a well- known ex-leader of the Labour party may once have said, “I could have a bacon butty whenever I wanted!” And if you are a regular Kettle Mag reader you know I like my bacon butties.

In my excitement I texted my partner. “I’ve found no carb bread! Bacon butties for breakfast! Beyond excited.” Within half an hour I had my reply. (He’s a bloke – trust me this was quick!) “Way hey! Can’t wait.”

“I have to make it though, but it looks amazing. (Dancing girls, smiley faces, balloons)” I texted back.

The next time we spoke about it was when he came home. In the meantime I had baked this magic gateway to bread heaven and I was pretty pleased with my efforts. I haven’t baked regularly for years – but something that offered the texture and comfort of bread without the carbs was worth dusting off my baking trays and egg separator for! I say ‘no carbs’ but obviously there is a tiny gram worth, because the cream cheese isn’t totally free, nor is the baking powder…but with the amount used in the recipe it barely counts. A regular slice of bought white bread has about 12g of carbs, so if you use your loaf you can see where you save on your carb intake.

“I have to admit,”my partner said as he looked at it, “I was a bit concerned when you said you had to make it. But it looks great. “

And the next morning, the bacon and egg butty tasted great too. “That is just like eating bread.” He agreed.

The various recipes recommend sealing it in a bag or Tupperware box. This keeps it soft, light and fluffy. You can leave it unsealed and apparently they crisp up rather like meringue…I’m guessing you can eat these like a biscuit or cracker – although I’ve not tried this yet.

Recipes galore

This recipe can be adapted – add honey or other such sweeteners. There are also recipes for low carb bread that have a few more carbs because they use yeast or seeds. That is a personal choice obviously. The recipe I follow is low almost no carb and in my opinion, delicious. It doesn’t take long to make. Remember to heat the trays as you prepare the ingredients. Oh and to save you googling ‘what on earth is 300 degrees Fahrenheit?’  I’ll tell you –it is 150 °C or Gas Mark 2. It is so simple. And she is right…it doesn’t taste eggy!

You can buy low carb bread from various retailers including Amazon and Ocado but they still have more carbs than these magic slices! And besides which, if you make it yourself you know what has gone in it. If you search the internet you can find people who dismiss the mass produced bread low carb bread as the carb count maybe incorrect. Why risk that? I’m a regular baker of this bread now. I’m not sure how this could be considered a ‘fad’. If you are serious about lifestyle change then you should make this a regular habit. Cloud bread is now a staple in my dietary plans. And cloud is a perfect description as it is so light and fluffy.

Go on, watch that video again…(even if it is just to admire the presenter’s presentation ability and gorgeous purple hair) make a note of the ingredients and give it a go. What have you got to lose?

Apart from weight and a feeling of bloating?

If you do have a go at making it, comment below and let us know how you got on.