New Music Monday Issue #35

Following a week in which everyone’s favourite Merseyside-based football team that play in red failed to finish their European adventure in a blaze of glory – giving Kolo Toure the least fitting send off that a human of his stature deserves – it’s important that we give this Monday some positivity.

Thankfully, some of my favourite bands have come out of the woodwork to save the day with some new tracks; each of which very likely offering more fight and desire than Alberto Moreno’s second half defending…

Regardless, even if you have no idea what I’m on about, here are some of the best songs to come through the Kettle radar in the past week for you to make your own and make your Monday magic.

Glass Animals – Life Itself

Because there is life outside football, isn’t there?

Glass Animals are a band whose debut album, Zaba, was shockingly overlooked for a Mercury prize – honestly, how Jungle were seen as strong contenders when this band weren’t nominated is beyond me. Its fusion of sickly-sweet rhythms and jungles vibes made it a pulsatingly tasty offering that you should definitely get your teeth into.

‘Life Itself’ is the band’s starting dish for their second album. The lyrics are certainly more down to earth than we’ve seen before, the bridge in particular hosts this gem;

I can’t get a job so I live with my mum/I take her money but not quite enough

Despite this though, ‘Life Itself’ comes across as a splendidly uplifting track. The exotic, escapist sound of the band almost sounds defiant in this instance – in the words of singer Dave Bayley;

She said I look fat but I look fantastic.

Damn straight, Dave.

Brand New – I Am A Nightmare

The last standing cult emo band are back once more to charge around and wear slightly short hoodies. This band have such a cult following in fact that they’re not far from selling out Madison Square Garden despite not having released an album in the past seven years.

This latest track, much like their last single ‘Mene’, is exceptionally raw; the expansive elements that made the band stand out from their emo peers have been shelved to avoid getting in the way of aggressive guitars, drums, and vocals.

It might be basic but the result is anthemic. Jesse Lacey has always been a little bit of an emo hero and here is driving the song forward with the words, ‘I am a nightmare and you are a miricle’.

Still think Albie Moreno getting caught upfield’s a bit more nightmarish…

The Amazons – Nightdriving

If movies have taught us anything, it’s that driving into the sunset solves any problem. Clearly though, Hollywood directors didn’t consider footballers who almost definitely have the fastest cars, meaning they can not only circle your thoughts but physically chase you down. I’m not obsessed. Promise.

The Amazons, obviously, are a band who don’t think like this.

‘Nightdriving’ is a song an American director could really get behind. Filled with windswept desire and ambition, the song drives along at pace. Drums, guitars, and singer Matty’s euphoric vocals create a soundscape big enough to fill a canyon – one you’ll be dying to drive through.

With the backing of Huw Stephens on Radio 1, this could well be the song to ignite the career of this young band – watch this space.

What do you think of our picks this week? Let us know in the comments below!