New Music Monday Issue #34

Summer’s finally here! Well.. it is for the time being at least.

There’s a whole load of summery sounds and tracks picked for summer 2016 around at the moment, but we’ve sifted through to pick 3 stand-out songs to share with you this week.


Busted – Coming Home

Noughties pop trio Busted burst back onto the airwaves this week with ‘Coming Home’, their first new offering in 12 years. Coming ahead of the boy’s comeback tour (which starts this Wednesday – look out for a review of that on the site a bit later in the week!), ‘Coming Home’ is the perfect opportunity to showcase Busted’s new ‘grown-up’ sound.

Gone are the pop-punk feel and quirky lyrics of old. Instead, we are treated to a more mature sound. ‘Coming Home’ feels like the natural evolution of the classic Busted sound after all these years apart, and although it has left the fanbase divided, it’s a solid statement of promising things to come.

Frans – If I Were Sorry

Seeing as it’s Eurovision next Saturday, we couldn’t possibly have New Music Monday without featuring some classic feelgood pop! 

17 year old Frans will be representing host country Sweden in this year’s contest with his song ‘If I Were Sorry’. Already a popular track, Frans is currently one of the favourites to win Eurovision this year, and it’s not hard to see why.

‘If I Were Sorry’ is three minutes and forty seconds of pure pop perfection. It’s slick, it’s modern; it’s one of those songs that sticks in your head for days. What’s not to love?

Odonis Odonis – Nervous

For our last track we deviate from this week’s summery theme with some industrial synth courtesy of Toronto trio Odonis Odonis. ‘Nervous’ is taken from their upcoming album Post Plague, due out in June, and follows the post-apocalyptic theme set out by previous single ‘Needs’. 

‘Nervous’ creates an impressive soundscape, saturated with hypnotic rhythms and a foreboding intensity. It’s pure dystopia – unflinchingly portraying their version of reality and pushing the boundaries of the genre. 

What do you think of our picks this week? Let us know in the comments below!