New Music Monday Issue #31

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Written by JamieLDoherty

We’re hitting the map for this week’s New Music Monday – North England, South England, North America, and Norway. Aren’t we so cultural? Regardless, here’s four tasty tracks for your ears to feast upon.

Blossoms – Getaway

Stockport’s finest, currently circumnavigating the country on a never-ending tour, have arrived once more onto the airwaves with the follow up to ‘At Most A Kiss’, ‘Getaway’ – with support from the mighty Annie Mac to boot.

Far away from the Friday-night-dancefloor vibes of their previous single, ‘Getaway’ has much more of a patient, ballad-like feel to it. Tom Ogden’s vocals in particular are delicate and tinged with emotion whilst being complimented by soft, pitter-patter synth rhythms. Despite being simplistic in melody, the song still manages to hit the right notes in order to make you feel that little bit melty inside – the sign of good ballad.

Overall, ‘Getaway’ is another polished and assured piece from a group that are fast becoming the quintessential indie band of the moment.

Highasakite – Golden Ticket

Next on our whistle-stop tour of new music is the latest preview from Camp Echo, the forthcoming sophomore album from Norwegian band Highasakite.

‘Golden Ticket’ is a massive juxtaposition; contrasting the pop sensibilities and euphoric synths are sombre lyrics inspired by war poems. This makes a lot more sense when you realise that the song, according to singer Ingrid Helene Håvik, is primarily about escapism – of wanting to leave the negative behind and escape into a synth-induced sunset.

It’s really quite cleverly done.

Skepta – Man

One of the biggest names in grime sampling Queens of The Stone Age isn’t exactly an expected occurrence but here we are, Skepta’s sampled ‘Regular John’.

Winding along to the opening riff of QOTSA’s debut album, ‘Man’ actually works really well; the hard-hitting horns and drumbeats compliment the unnerving, horror-movie-esc sample to make a track perfectly engineered to get you to the edge of your seat and then off it completely.

On the lyrical front, Skepta makes reference to his recent set in a Shoreditch carpark that left a bus trapped in by the crowds as well as my personal favourite line;

‘I’ll be schooling MCs/Nobody leaves till half past three’


Tokyo Police Club – The Ocean

Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (Part 1), the first half of Tokyo Police Club’s fourth album, is out right now! If we all buy it then maybe the band might come over from Canada and tour again, worth a try?

Regardless, ‘The Ocean’ sees singer Dave Monks at his most adorable. Tokyo Police Club have always had a certain quirky charm to them but here however we see them have a go at being unashamedly romantic. The song builds slowly from a guitar and some hushed vocals, eventually progressing through the whole band, before settling on the line ‘I’m asking you nicely to stand here beside me’.

Heart warming. Heart melting? I don’t know but I definitely heart this song and this band – that much we can be sure of.

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