New Music Monday Issue #25

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Written by JamieLDoherty

Monday’s back, like an EU referendum debate that you thought you wouldn’t have to hear again for at least a little while.

Fear not, for the 25th time, here’s our selection of pop songs that should get you through the week.

Slutface – Kill ‘Em With Kindness

New Music Monday regulars Slutface have returned to Kettle, this time not to shave their heads but to ‘Kill ‘Em With Kindess’ – always such delightful guests.

Contrary to their song titles, Slutface are actually an incredibly fun band. Their sound comprises of fizzy guitars, high tempo drums, and always has the air of a band who firmly have their tongue in their cheek. ‘Kill ‘Em With Kindness’ stays true to this fizzy-fun aesthetic, this time mixing it up a little with an extra bounciness to the rhythm.

The target of their lethal kindness is media and, in the words of singer Haley Shae, ‘the mildly sadistic way that the press sometimes seems to be walking around waiting for musicians and artists to fail,’ – specifically inspired by the pressure put on Lorde due to her age.

So they make bouncy, fun music and they have Lorde’s back, what’s not to love?

Logistics – Take Me To Another World

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Changing things up a little, here’s a track from one of the biggest names in drum and bass, Logistics.

Having been signed to London’s Hospital Records label for over ten years, this is a producer who’s done at least most of what the genre has to offer – eight albums, huge live sets, the lot; he’s even released an album with his brother under the alias Nu:Logic.

His latest release shows more of the consistency he’s shown throughout his career. ‘Take Me To Another World’ is a classically immersive drum and bass track. Combining the vocals of Stella Attar and a drum track with plenty of shiny high end, this track will pull you in and take you someplace else.

M83 – Do It, Try It

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From another world to another galaxy, here’s a new song from M83.

In typical fashion, ‘Do It, Try It’ is sonically gorgeous – masses of reverb, luscious, Daft Punk-y synths – what makes it stand out from other M83 tracks however is the introduction of cheesy house-like piano stabs. I really doubt fans saw that coming.

Unsurprisingly though, Anthony Gonzalez manages to make it work. ‘Do It, Try It’ is a subtle, sophisticated club track with all the romantic overtones and stratosphere-busting electronics you’d expect from M83 – I can’t wait to hear a DJ drop it.

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