New Music Monday Issue #24

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Written by JamieLDoherty

There’s only four months until referendum day?!

Are we in, are we out, have we shaken it all about?

Whilst you do the hokey cokey, here are three pop songs that can’t bore you with talk of the economy.

Gold Panda – Time Eater

Starting us off is a thoroughly interesting artist who began his career recording the sound of hot water pipes in his grandparent’s house.

Gold Panda, as the name might suggest, is an electronic musician who takes a great deal of influence from oriental culture. His unique sound, comprising of a mishmash of quirky samples shaped into delightfully ambient tracks, has won critical acclaim for his first two full-length albums, Lucky Shiner and Half Of Where You Live.

‘Time Eater’ is his first track to be put out since 2013. In typical fashion, it opens with a classically oriental melody before submerging itself in a hypnotic, ambient drum beat – it is, as ever, really quite delightful. 

Lonely The Brave – What If You Fall In 

The best rock band in Cambridge (how many are there?), Lonely The Brave, have released the second preview to their forthcoming sophomore album, Things Will Make Sense. ‘What If You Fall In appears lighter than the band’s previous single, ‘Black Mire’Where there’s usually pounding drums and dark-sounding guitars, this single almost feels breezy till the chorus hits. 

Lonely The Brave like a big chorus and this is no exception  proper chest out, head back singalong stuff.

Blossoms  Wretched Fate

Blossoms, the best thing to come out of Stockport since they stopped producing hats (probably, I don’t actually know much Stockport history). Despite my poor attempts at compliments, the band are actually on a bit of a roll at the moment with their At Most A Kiss EP knocking Adele off the top of the iTunes album chart – impressive!

‘Wretched Fate’ gives a good acount of how they’ve managed such a feat: playful melodies, dancable rhythms, all played with a certain psycodelic edge that makes will entice you out of the house and onto a dancefloor – as opposed to into your bedroom to sing into a hairbrush (sorry, Adele).

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