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New beginnings: Why leaving school is the perfect opportunity for reinvention

new beginning
Written by Kate Relton

September is fast-approaching, you’ve had your results and whether your plans include university, travel or it’s all undecided, this is the perfect moment for reinvention. With every life change is an opportunity for something new and unexplored. Why not take this moment to have fun with your image, experiment with your style and see where it takes you. Step into September feeling fresh and ready for whatever your future holds!

Jump out of your comfort zone

There’s no way to avoid it, leaving school catapults you out of your comfort zone without a backwards glance. After 13 years of routine, its all about the new. Whether your settling into a university course, starting work, heading off to explore the world or taking some time out to plan your next move, getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be scary. All it takes is a little lateral thinking.

Reframe any fear of the unknown and use it as a chance to play. You’re starting a new chapter of your life, now is the time to have fun!

How to do it?
Everyone has a look they’ve never been brave enough to try. Grab the opportunity to road test a new version of yourself!

Break the rules

Let’s be honest, for many of us moving away from home and leaving school is the first chance to make our own rules. Nobody is going to tell you where to be and when; no-one is there to question why you’re eating cereal for dinner for the fourth night in a row. So why not use this rebellion to reinvigorate your style too?

What fashion rules have you always felt bound by? Looking at endless social media posts of perfectly styled ensembles putting you off trying?

How to do it?
It’s as easy as this: Throw that rule book out of the window, and wear what makes you happy!

Embrace the rainbow

Colour has a significant impact on our mood but so many of us restrict our colour palette and play it safe, particularly in winter. In the darker months, it’s even more important to harness the power of colour and surround yourself with shades that brighten your mood and ramp up your confidence.

How to do it?
Lay out all your clothes and see what colours you’re working with. What colour makes you smile? If wearing head-to-toe colour is too much for you, start small. Throw on some bold and beautiful shoes or pick a simple tee in a brighter shade. The effects might surprise you!

Make-up Shake up

Did you raid your mum’s/sister’s/aunt’s make-up bag when you were little? Make-up can become a chore when we do it everyday – another routine to maintain, a way to cover up and hide. Why not try and recapture that childhood joy of dressing up and playing with make-up?

How to do it?
Try a bold lipstick, throw on some glitter, experiment with lashes and liners. There really are no rules and make-up should be fun! Remember, you can always wipe it off and start again. Go play!

Go with the flow

Yes we all want to believe that any new chapter of our life will be the one that works out exactly as we planned. We’ll be stylish and composed, efficient and successful, and everything will be shiny and beautiful. The reality is, though, it can also be utterly terrifying. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be a new you. Reinvention is about unearthing new sides of the same you. Explore the parts of your personality and style that you’ve never had the chance to express. Take time to play.

And remember that in the end, a new start might be the opportunity you’ve needed to finally just be you. Unapologetically, whole-heartedly you.

Take all the things that excite you, trust your instincts and go forth into your next adventure!