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National Burger Day – It is not just a craze

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Written by lifeofshayan

I think after the events of August 27 2015 people will now believe me that National Burger Day is an actual thing and not something I made up as an excuse for having two burgers in a day. In fact, because of Mr Hyde, we now have a day to celebrate the ‘best sandwich ever’, where restaurants, pop-ups and punters alike are joining together to eat, feast and rejoice all things Burger.

After some research I found out that food lovers around the world are also spending a day commending the hamburger and cheeseburger too. Australians and Americans together celebrate National Burger Day on May 28. Iran has its own Cheeseburger day on October 27. Looking into even more detail, America also has a Cheeseburger day, Double Cheeseburger day, In-N-Out Burger day and a Hamburger day.

What this tells me is that the Burger is not just a recent craze or something made popular by a few hipsters, but a true staple of our diet. Vegans, meat eaters, chicken lovers can all enjoy the benefits of a burger and with no limitations on what you can put in between the buns, restaurants have been popping up all over London.

The event in London was organised by Mr Hyde and it started at 4:30pm. Before this, many burger restaurants across the country offered a 20% discount for the day on their food and I immediately took them up on their offer. I was not alone and on my visit to MEATmarket in Holborn I was lucky to get a seat. The word was out and the people took advantage of this. To be honest 20% off made it a bit cheaper, however, I still feel upset paying over £7 for a burger. Is this because of Mcdonalds or because Burgers generally have a bad image of being greasy and cheap?  I will go with the former and thankfully with the rise of Byron Burger, Patty & Bun and the MEAT chain, their image is improving. More recently, we have seen Budweiser base their advertising campaign on the special relationship between Beers and Burgers.

Forget about putting cats everywhere it is all about Burgers

In the evening, with over ten different vendors, over a thousand people descended upon Dalston Street Feast to eat burgers, drink beers and spirits and watch a pickle eating competition. I, along with my friends was more than happy to try my favourite burger as well as new creations from restaurants I had not been too. All in all, I tried nine different burgers, from those filled with Pulled Pork and Kimchee to duck breast and fired corn. It was an experience and an adventure. This is neither a craze, nor the future; it is just an appreciation of a great food dish. See you again next year #NationalBurgerDay.