Myanmar ruling party admit defeat in elections

Myanmar’s ruling party has conceded defeat in the country’s landmark general elections, held on the 8th November. Opposition party NLD (National League of Democracy) have said that thier own polls showed they were on track to gain at least 70% of the vote. It has been reported in the Guardian that turn out was estimated to be around 80%.


The military backed USDP (Union Solidarity Development Party) has been in power since 2011, the military drafted constitution guarantees a quarter of all seats and certain ministerial positions to unelected military personel so the NLD will have to will two thirds of the seats to be able to govern by themselves. 


If the NLD do win, its leader Aung San Suu Kyi will be unable to officially be president as the constitution bars anyone with foreign born children to hold the post.

At the time of writing the final results were still to be announced.