My Life In Music, with lifestyle managing editor Emmi Bowles

For most people, music is one of the most important things in life. It can inspire you, fill you with joy or even make you cry. But different music affects us all in different ways. Each week, I interview one of our writers or editors about the impact music has had on their life. This week, I talk to lifestyle managing editor Emmi Bowles about her life in music. 

Describe your taste in music in three words.

Dance, loud, happy.

What’s your favourite musical genre?

Old school club classics.

Your favourite band?

The Script.

Your favourite song of all time?

‘Mr Bojangles’ by Sammy Davis Jr or ‘Glitter in the Air’ by Pink.

What was the first album you ever bought?

I honestly can’t remember – most likely The Jonas Brothers.

First gig you went to?

Mcfly Above the Noise tour.

What was the last song you listened to?

‘Would I Lie to You’ by John Gibbons.

Which musicians do you admire? 

Ed Sheeran because he hasn’t forgotten where he came from as he has become more and more famous.

What’s your opinion on music videos?

I don’t really have an opinion on music videos – some I watch and don’t understand why they made it that way as it doesn’t even correlate to the song, but I rarely watch music videos nowadays.

In your opinion, what’s the most annoying song of all time?

‘Hey Baby’ by Bruce Channel.

Who do you think is the most overrated band out there?

Any current pop boy/girl band as music-wise I don’t think they bring anything new to the table and many sound exactly the same.

Where do you find new music?

Spotify playlists are my best friends! I’m always looking for new music and playlists to add to my personal playlists.

Do you play any instruments?

I have played the guitar on and off for many years, and have dabbled in learning the ukulele and piano but I wish I had stuck with them.

Rock or pop?

Neither – house music.

Classical or heavy metal?


What song will always cheer you up?

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.

What song always makes you cry?

‘Lullabies’ by All Time Low – because of the story behind it.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Justin Bieber’s latest stuff.

What does music mean to you?

Music is a release for me. It makes me cry, it makes me happy, it makes me motivated and want to dance.

What do you love most about music?

I love how you can use the same four chords to create so many different sounds.

If you could sit down for a chat with any musician (dead or alive) – who would it be?

Freddie Mercury.

Tell us your best musical memory.

I was at The Script Science and Faith tour at the very front of the stage. It was amazing and I caught the band’s attention multiple times and ended up having the drummer try to give me his sticks – sad somebody grabbed it before I could which upset me a lot – but the drummer then later tweeted me to apologise for me not getting them.

What’s your best musical memory? Tell us about your life in music in the comments below!