My Life In Music, with Kettle writer Vicki Connelly

For most people, music is one of the most important things in life. It can inspire you, fill you with joy or even make you cry. But different music affects us all in different ways. Each week, I interview one of our writers or editors about the impact music has had on their life. This week, I talk to Kettle writer Vicki Connelly about her life in music. 

Describe your taste in music in three words.

Random, different, energetic.

What’s your favourite musical genre?

I don’t really have a favourite particular genre, if I like a song, then I like it. It doesn’t really matter what genre it falls into.

Your favourite band or artist?

I can’t just pick one, but my absolute favourites are Ed Sheeran, Eminem and Kasabian.

Your favourite song of all time?

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen. I remember my dad showing it to me when I was little, I learnt the words at the age of 9 and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

What was the first album you ever bought?

The first one I remember buying was All We Know Is Falling by Paramore.

First gig you went to?

This is so embarrassing. The first gig I ever went to was Gareth Gates and Will Young after they were on Pop Idol.

What was the last song you listened to?

‘Just Lose It’ by Eminem.

Which musicians do you admire? 

I really admire Ed Sheeran simply because of his work ethic and how he has never let fame get to his head. In 2008 and 2009, whilst he was trying to get a career in music, he was couch surfing the whole time and now he’s an artist known all over the world. I just think that he sets a great example of “you can do anything if you set your mind to it”.

In your opinion, what’s the most annoying song of all time?

Without a doubt, it has to be ‘The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)’ by Ylvis.

Who do you think is the most overrated artist out there?

I think I would have to say Rihanna. She’s good, but I don’t think she’s as good as everyone makes out.

Do you play any instruments?

Unfortunately not, but I would love to be able to play the guitar.

Rock or pop?


Classical or heavy metal?

Classical. Heavy metal freaks me out a little bit.

What song will always cheer you up?

‘Keep On Movin’ by 5ive. I know it’s cheesy, but you can’t not sing it without smiling.

What song always makes you cry?

The only song that makes me cry is ‘You Raise Me Up’ (it doesn’t matter which version). It was played at my gran’s funeral, so now whenever I hear that song, I automatically associate it with that.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is the soundtrack from Billy Elliot the Musical. I love it so much, and I literally know every word.

What does music mean to you?

Music means a lot to me, in the sense that within seconds of hearing a song, I can associate it with a memory that I have, and then it just makes me happy.

What do you love most about music?

I love that it can cheer me up in an instant if I’m feeling a bit down or stressed.

If you could sit down for a chat with any musician (dead or alive) – who would it be?

It would have to be Eminem, because it would be interesting to see whether he keeps up his mean and vicious persona or if it’s all just an act for the stage.

Tell us your best musical memory.

My best memory happened two years ago. Me and my brother had wanted to go and see Eminem for years, so when he came to Wembley Stadium in 2014, we tried to get tickets, but they were either sold out, or being resold for ridiculous prices, so we left it. About a week later, I got a phone call from my dad at 2am saying that him and my mum had got us two tickets for Eminem as a joint birthday present (I was three weeks away from turning 18). We got to see our idol, and I honestly have never cried/screamed/sung so much at a gig before, and it was the best birthday ever. 

What’s your best musical memory? Tell us about your life in music in the comments below!