My Life In Music, with Kettle writer Aoife Bennett

For most people, music is one of the most important things in life. It can inspire you, fill you with joy or even make you cry. But different music affects us all in different ways. Each week, I interview one of our writers or editors about the impact music has had on their life. This week, I talk to Kettle writer Aoife Bennett about her life in music. 

Describe your taste in music in three words. 

Complete mixed bag.

What’s your favourite musical genre?

Is 90s a genre? If so, 90s music. Or cheese.

Your favourite band or artist?

At the moment I’m really loving Kodaline, The Blizzards, Ellie Goulding and Demi Lovato. 

Your favourite song of all time?

Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’.

What was the first album you ever bought?

I’m going to deny I ever said this. But Westlife’s first album.

First gig you went to?

Once again, Westlife in the Point in Dublin.

What was the last song you listened to?

Spotify says it was ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ by Damien Rice. 

Which musicians do you admire?

Katy Perry. We came from quite similar backgrounds (religious parents, strictly enforced rules etc) so she’s always been a big one for me. I even have a tattoo of one of her lyrics on my arm.

What’s your opinion on music videos?

Some of them are downright ridiculous. We won’t name names (Kanye West) but some really do add to the song. Ever seen ‘Stole’ by Kelly Rowland? Watch it.

In your opinion, what’s the most annoying song of all time?

Two words: Crazy. Frog.

Who do you think is the most overrated artist out there?

Sorry Beliebers…

Where do you find new music?

Mainly Spotify playlist suggestions, or what my friends play when we’re in the car.

Do you play any instruments? 

I play piano, and got up to grade three. Like every Irish person out there, I also play tin whistle. Badly.

Rock or pop?

Mix of both? It really depends on my mood.

Classical or heavy metal?

I’m probably gonna go against the grain here and say classical. There are some absolutely beautiful pieces out there – and some great parodies! There’s a parody version of ‘O Fortuna’ that gets me every single time.

What song will always cheer you up?

‘Maniac 2000’ by Mark McCabe. It’s an Irish club anthem and it always reminds me of home.

What song always makes you cry?

‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel. 

What’s your musical guilty pleasure? 

I have four guilty pleasure/cheese Spotify playlists, we’d be here all day! But I guess ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ – I’m determined to learn the words despite having NO Italian.

What does music mean to you?

I’m not going to say everything, because honestly it doesn’t. But it has been a constant in my life. 

What do you love most about music? 

How it helps me get rid of distractions when I’m studying.

If you could sit down for a chat with any musician (dead or alive) – who would it be?

Freddie Mercury. The man was a genius, and I’m sickened to have been born the year after he died and missed out on a chance to see him live.

Tell us your best musical memory.

Performing Steps’ ‘One For Sorrow’ for my parents when I got New Sibling Syndrome and got a bit jel of the attention my (then) newborn brother was getting. Yes that did really happen.  

What’s your best musical memory? Tell us about your life in music in the comments below!