My Favourite Album: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Following on from the success of our ‘My favourite film’ feature I’ve invited the Kettle team to share their favourite albums! This is definitely a tough one, but whether its a classic, the one that got you into music, or the one you’ve had on repeat all week, there must be something that comes to mind. Its time to recognise those great albums which never get old and where every track is better than the last! –Kealie Mardell (Music Editor)

Who are you and how did you choose?

I’m Emily Murray, the cinematically obsessed Film Editor here at Kettle. Being a film fanatic you may expect my favourite album to be a film soundtrack and there certainly are some brilliant ones that feature on my favourites lists, for example Reservoir Dogs. However, my favourite album of all-time is not even by my favourite band, which is U2 for a bonus bit of knowledge. I chose an album that is pure perfection, with every song being outstanding and wonderful it its own way making it the best album I have ever listened to, any my favourite.

What is your favourite album?

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. An album I imagine many would agree with me on, as it has received critical acclaim from around the world and is often cited as the best album of all time.

When did you first hear or buy this album? Was it particularly memorable?

Surprisingly I have no idea when was the first time I heard this album, but I know that it was my dad who introduced it to me when I was younger, a figure who has had a lot of influence on my music taste. I can remember coming home from school and hunting through my dad’s collection trying to figure out whether the album would come under F or M in my want to play it for a bit of relaxation after a hard day at school. So although I cannot remember the first time I listened to it, I have many memories of listening to it when I was younger.

Favourite Track

This is the hardest question to answer as all the tracks are wonderful in their own way. However, if you put a gun to my head I would probably choose ‘The Chain’. This song just breathes brilliance, with a fantastic build-up, gripping lyrics and an insane riff that is famous around the world as the BBC Formula One coverage theme. The use of guitar riffs on this album just makes me melt!

Least Favourite Track

Again this is a difficult question with all the songs being brilliant, but if I had to choose it would be Gold Dust Woman. It is still fabulous with gentle singing, romantic guitar riffs and wonderful lyrics, but it just lacks an oomph that some of the other songs on the album have.

Favourite Lyrics

For me the chorus of Dreams has some of the best lyrics in music history. At the time of recording the album the band was going through a lot, from break-ups to drugs the band were just not getting on with much of the recording being done on an individual basis. The lyrics of Dreams is fuelled with a strange gentle anger, with many being interpreted as aimed at certain band members. For example, ‘players only love you when they’re  playing’ is often considered to be aimed at Lindsey Buckingham who was currently breaking-up with Stevie Nicks who wrote the lyrics. It is perhaps the anger that surrounded the band at the time which makes the lyrics of this song, and the whole album, so powerful and beautiful. ‘Thunder only happens when its raining, players only love you when they’re playing, say… women… they will come and they will go, when the rain washes you clean… you’ll know’.

What makes this album stand out from the artist’s others?

As I have said at the time of writing and recording this album the band were going through a difficult time, and it is this anger that makes this album so powerful as it fuels it making it an intense, emotional experience. This sheer power marks it out as different to Fleetwood Mac’s other albums.

Why is it your favourite?

For me Rumours is just perfection, with every song adding something to the album in its our magnificent and independent way. That is rare in the music industry