Mila Falls knows how to get her wiggle jiggle on

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Hyper and flamboyant, Mila Falls has whacked out the glitter guns and is preparing to release her new album early next year.

Hyper and flamboyant, Mila Falls has whacked out the glitter guns and is preparing to release her new album early next year. She’s toured with Ringo Starr – an experience she admits was ‘incredible’, written a song for the US teen classic ‘Bring It On’ and performed a gig in the middle of the M62.

Robots and spaceships

Mila is known for her presence on YouTube and animated lyrical content about robots and spaceships which will feature largely on her debut album in 2013.
‘My lyrics are inspired by TV shows like Button Moon and Red Dwarf. It took a while to realise that I had found a niche for writing songs about spaceships, aliens and ghouls’. She adds, ‘My ballad Empire of Dirt is really special for me and always brings a tear to my eye whilst singing it but when singing Party in the Stars and Radio I sure do get my wiggle jiggle on’.


She is a multi-talented singer who has been writing and performing from a young age. ‘I can play the guitar and keys. I’m also a producer and I do a cheeky bit of film editing too’ says Mila.

During her musical career she has performed up and down the country including the Ringo Starr Tour in 2011. ‘It was an honour to support a Beatle and was awesome having a chin wag with him at sound check’ she says. Although her biggest regret was not taking a spare guitar on the tour. ‘A string broke and that was super embarrassing. I actually said whilst standing on my own in front of thousands of people “erm I don’t really know any jokes”-I could have crawled into a hole’ she admits.

Professor Green

Mila has revealed that she would love to support Robyn or Professor Green on tour. ‘My mate Tom is Pro Green’s singer- we would have such a ball on tour’ she says. The Norwich pop artist has admitted that performing is the best part of her job. ‘I have played so many fun shows. The most random performance was on the streets of Manchester with an army of exchange students singing along to my song Glam Tramp’ says Mila.

Her influences come from the likes of P!nk, Nina Simone, Robyn, Sia and Gwen Stafani, just to name a few, but a role model close to her heart is her manager Tim Goodacre, ‘He will blush whilst reading this’ says Mila.

Heading Down Under

She regularly sings her heart out to people in the UK but has revealed she is taking her collection of headscarves and super spacey ideas and heading to Australia next month. ‘Lots of European countries are on the hit list, I would seriously love to tour USA’ she admits.

Mila has declared that she would like to become a yoga teacher one day. ‘Maybe I’ll do that in my 30’s – I could be a singing yoga teacher’ she says. The British musician is a strong believer of following your heart. ‘Believe that anything is possible’ says Mila.

The glitzy performer has shown that hard work and determination pays off. ‘If you want to earn money from music, you have got to work harder than hard and figure out what you actually want out of it all. It is very easy to get lost in trying to be a pop star’ she says.

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