Microsoft Technology Associate certification practice tests: earn and move forward to MCSA and MCSE

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is designed for the individuals who want to enter the field of Information Technology. This credential tests the candidates in two aspects. 80% of the certification is based on knowledge while the remaining 20% tests the individual’s skills.  Microsoft confirms that the candidate has a clear understanding of the IT fundamentals. MTA also gives the specialists an opportunity to explore various fields of IT like hardware, software, and databases. 

Why is Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification so important for IT professionals? 

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification has multiple benefits for IT specialists. Therefore, MTA Certification is very important to get when applying for a job in IT sector.

IT professionals should take MTA Certification because: 

  • The credential validates that the candidate possesses the required skills and knowledge in a certain IT segment. 
  • MTA certification is a perfect addition to the resume, which makes it more noticeable. 
  • Candidates who have completed the course will gain recognition amongst employers and will stand a higher chance of being selected for a job.
  • Candidates who have taken MTA hold a better place amongst colleagues. Since they have such a strong foundation in the basic IT knowledge, these candidates often outperform those who don’t have the certification.
  • Candidates who have taken MTA certification course have the upper hand when it comes to knowledge, skill, and experience.

Reasons to get Microsoft Technology Associate certification

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification ensures that the aspiring IT professionals have a clear understanding of the basics of Information Technology. The candidates are tested on their theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in aspects like software development, database design, and operating systems. The completion of this credential helps the candidates get employed by established companies. Once employed, the specialist is able to perform better as compared to his/her colleagues who haven’t taken MTA Certification test. A good-performing professional will have a better competence and will be more credible in terms of work with clients and co-workers. The professional’s head or boss can be sure of his/her skills, capabilities, work ethic, performance, and result.

Popular MTA certifications

There are various certifications that applicants can opt for. These are the most popular of them:

  1. MTA Database

Individuals interested in the management of database can pursue this credential. To earn it, the candidates need to pass exam 98-364: Database Fundamentals.

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  1. MTA Developer

Candidates must clear one of the following exams to enter into marketable development roles:

  • Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-375: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

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  • Exam 98-380: Introduction to Programming using Block-Based Languages (Touch Develop)
  1. MTA IT Infrastructure

For those interested in cybersecurity, networking, management can go for one of these certification exams:

  • Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

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  • Exam 98-367: Security Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-366: Networking Fundamentals

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  • Exam 98-369: Cloud Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-368: Mobility and Device Fundamentals
  1. MTA Windows

Candidates must show their skills of fundamental Windows operating system concepts in a Windows 10 environment. To get this certification 98-349 Windows Operating System Fundamentals exam is required to pass.

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How to become Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certified?

To get MTA certified, the candidates must visit the NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC), the Microsoft partner and the authorized training center website. This site offers online training programs and mock tests.

MTA certification consists of a number of different subsets of modules. After selecting the module desired, the candidate must study the provided course material.

The next step is to purchase an MTA voucher. The exam cannot be taken without one. 

On receiving the voucher number, the candidates must register themselves for MTA certification. During the registration process, candidates are expected to fill in a date and time when they will take the test. Using the Certiport locator the candidates must also ensure that they choose a convenient location to take the test. 

Once the candidates have selected their desired date, time and location of the exam, they need to appear for the test. However, the candidates should be aware that they are required to carry their valid student ID. The individuals should also carry a valid photo ID, a fee of 20USD and the issued voucher.

The exam runs for an average of 60 minutes. The candidates are scored based on the number of correct answers. The scores can be accessed after the completion of the test.

Successful candidates are mailed an official Microsoft Technology Associate Certification and ID after 4 weeks of the test. 

Training courses for Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification

Preparing for MTA certification exam requires the use of the reliable resources. To achieve the desired result, individuals must opt to use study guides and mock tests. There is also an option to take online training. Given below are some resources to prepare for MTA certification exam: 

  • The NR Computer Learning Center offers training courses for MTA certification exams.
  • For candidates who wish to self-study for the exam, they can opt for the study guides available on the NR Computer Learning Center website.
  • Candidates can also purchase textbooks and practice exam papers from the NR Computer Learning Center Website.

Tips for passing MTA certification exams 

Taking tests can be quite a task for many candidates. However, following a few simple tips will make passing a lot easier: 

  • Know the syllabus and the type of questions asked 
  • Find a reliable, legitimate source of information that you can use as a learning guide
  • Take notes to make revising easier 
  • Keep practicing by taking mock tests to know where you stand 

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  • Manage your time well – it will ensure completion of the test and will maximize the final score
  • Lastly, do not get flustered or nervous before the exam. Go in for the test with a calm and relaxed mind.

Future opportunities

MTA certified individuals can make up to $65,821 in their future jobs. From Mobile Application Developer to a System Analyst, MTA opens up a lot of opportunities for the candidates.

Microsoft Technology Associate certification will certainly help you to enhance your skills as well as technical ability. All the applicants who are interested in Computer Science or fields related to it should definitely get this certification. And for sure MTA is the first step to the further MCSA: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certifications.

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One of the most popular MCSA certification is MCSA: Windows Server 2012. Having this certification, industry professionals can handle Windows Server 2012 environment configuration of fundamentals. The certification covers various features like Core Network Services, Group Policy, Hyper-V and Active Directory administering. 

To become MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certified, you will need to pass three exams 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412. 

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Or if you’re already certified with previous Windows Server versions you can pass just one 70-417 exam and upgrade your skills to Windows Server 2012.

Let’s talk about MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification as an example. The certification is aimed at those individuals who are interested in a career in private cloud computing, server infrastructure, or desktop. It tests and validates the student’s core technical knowledge and increases their technical credibility in Cloud. The certificate confirms that the professional has the expertise required to operate a highly effective and contemporary data center with skills in identity management, cloud technologies, virtualization, system management, networking, and storage. To become certified, you need pass one of ten exams. For example, 70-414 Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure exam.