Dressing for your body type

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Written by C Wolsey

Now that summer is here, finding that perfect outfit to wear has become a priority. In order to avoid investing in expensive items that don’t fit properly, it can help to understand your body type before going shopping, especially if you do a lot of shopping online.  

We all have a different shape and size; none is better than any other. Your body shape makes you unique and truly who you are. Getting to know your body shape better can make it easier to dress accordingly. 

Section 1 – Do you know your body shape?

Body shapes have been very broadly categorized in order to make it easier to identify which is yours. There are many different ones, but here are some of the ones most commonly listed:

Pear/ triangle shape

If your hips tend to be wider than your shoulders and bust, you may have this shape. 


Bust and hips are largely the same size for hourglass shapes. 

Apple/ round shaped

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your body looks “round”, but rather that your bust, hips and shoulders are roughly the same width. 

Athletic shaped

As the name suggests, athletic body types may be more muscular. This is also referred to as “rectangular” shape, but don’t worry, this isn’t maths or geometry class. It simply means that people who have this shape have shoulders that are slightly wider than their hips. 

Inverted triangle shape

This is a similar shape to the one above (athletic). Instead of a “rectangular” shape, this shape follows the line of an upside-down triangle. Your hips and bust may be the same size and your waist smaller. You could have slightly wider shoulders.  

Section 2 – What style works best with your body shape?

In this section we look at what clothes work best for each body type. Here you can find more information on what could work well:

Pear/ triangle shape

Clothes that flatter your waistline could be the right fit for you. 


People who have this shape might prefer to buy fitted clothing that suit a small waistline. 

Apple/ round shaped

People who have this shape could opt for clothing with straight lines. Try out clothing that is not too loose and not too tight.

Athletic/ rectangle shaped

Wearing simple tops and showing off your legs or other curves may be best suited for you. 

Inverted triangle shape

Your strength are your legs and flattering them by wearing simple flowing cotton skirts or light shoes, you may be able to find an outfit that really shows off your body. 

Finding your strengths and choosing the clothing that work best for you can make shopping a lot more fun and make it easier to pick out clothes next time