Kettle Band Of The Week: The Two Tone Boners

I first discovered the American ska band The Two Tone Boners during my study abroad year in Long Beach, California, where they played a sho

I first discovered the American ska band The Two Tone Boners during my study abroad year in Long Beach, California, where they played a show hosted by the California State University, Long Beach Underground Music Society, which prompted a whole new music following for me.
As this series develops, expect to see a few artists from across the pond, as I discovered many of my latest favourite bands and would love to take the opportunity to see them go further. 
So why am I telling you about The Two Tone Boners now? Well they’ve just released their new EP Troubles Come and Go which is available on Bandcamp as a CD version or digital download, along with some incredible merchandise. 
The Two Tone Boners deliver an exciting and diverse blend of genres, drawing on elements of ska, punk, reggae, jazz and more. Their live performances always had something new to offer, and no two shows were the same. It’s refreshing to finally see some of that live vitality contained on an album. 
Ska, punk, reggae, jazz and more…
Through six original tracks The Two Tone Boners give you a taste of some of their eclectic sounds, demonstrating both their musical talents and crowd-pleasing abilities. 
Troubles Come and Go kicks off with “Bright and Early,” one of my favourites which gets the crowd going with the smooth sounds of Roberto Carerra’s vocals, before moving into the title track “Troubles Come and Go,” one the band’s newest releases. This is undeniably a sing-along song with a catchy hook that will embed itself in your brain. 
The Two Tone Boners horns section, Jovan Loera (saxophone) and Alfredo Barrios (trumpet), comes into its own on the instrumental track “Easy Groove Factory.” This track is a chance for listeners to really appreciate the different talents within the band which come together on each track.
Keeping a steady beat and tight grooves throughout Troubles Come and Go is the backdrop of Tony Garcia (drums) and Julio Gurrola (bass). 
From romance to Two Tone loving
Coming out of the instrumental we take a turn in a different direction, with Nate Phung (keys) taking over on vocals for “Skank With Me,” his take on romance at finding a girl skanking in the pit. From romance to Two Tone loving we’re picked back up with the sexy sounds of “Black and White.” 
Troubles Come and Go finishes off with Two Tone Boner madness in “Beer Run,” bringing together full frontal sounds and an assortment of vocals. This classic, which can be found in its early stages on their 2012 demo, closes off an impressive EP which showcases the talents and passion of this El Monte based ska band. 
It’s great to see the progress made by The Two Tone Boners and to finally have a quality recording to do them justice. Take a listen, and if you ever find yourself in the San Gabriel Valley, you should definitely check them out! 
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