Kettle Band of the Week: Liverpool’s Circa Waves

Written by Emily Murray
Last month for Kettle the wonderful Royal Blood was our Band of the Week, a band I discovered at the NME Awards Tour which showcases the best new talent whi

Last month for Kettle the wonderful Royal Blood was our Band of the Week, a band I discovered at the NME Awards Tour which showcases the best new talent which look set to make it big.
The Awards Tour is always a mixture of the good, the bad and the pure ugly (for instance the last band Temples made me long for a brick wall to hit my head against), and so Royal Blood was not the only great discovery.
Opening the night was a cute quartet from Liverpool, which ever since The Beatles has been a centre for music here in Britain. Frontman Keiran Shuddall had spent years trying to crack the music industry but found himself stuck in dead end band to dead end band getting nowhere.
However, a last effort out of determination as he put demos online found him with bass guitarist Sam Rourke, drummer Sian Plummer and guitarist Joe Falconer forming Circa Waves. Finally Shuddall was achieving his dream as even before releasing their debut single the band was touring the UK and Europe!
Plenty of guitar and bouncy rhythms
Described as ‘garage-rock’ their sound is reminiscent of the early-noughties indie scene with Shuddall being influenced by the likes of The Strokes and The Libertines. More indie than rock though their short but sweet songs are very much like those of The Vaccines, with the same brash tone but catchy rhythms.
With plenty of guitar and bouncy rhythms they are great live creating a fun crowd who are all enjoying jumping around to ‘Get Away’ and ‘Young Chasers.’ Always incredibly upbeat with infectious melodies it is hard not to smile and dance along to their songs.
If you prefer more mournful melodies though then Circa Waves may not be for you (but surely the best music is that that you can dance along to)!
Constantly receiving more and more attention Circa Waves’ fan base is growing daily. Transgressive Records, who also have Noisettes, Foals and Mystery Jets signed to them, picked up the band quite early on recognising their talent.
Cool and chilled yet full of fun
Their fantastic song ‘Get Away’ was chosen by uber cool Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe as the Hottest Record in the World, and now they are consistently played on the radio. Next month they will be performing at Leeds Festival after supporting Metronomy on their worldwide tour that is taking Circa Waves from the UK to Australia.
Get Away is their most well-known song and perhaps their best. Cool, chilled but poppy it has a great tune that will get you up and bouncing boogying around the house. ‘Stuck in My Teeth’ and ‘Young Chasers’ are also amongst my favourites, again both have fabulous tunes that are upbeat and buoyant.
With lyrics that are reminiscent of teenage angst Circa Waves are certainly popular amongst the young crowd. However, they are sure to hit the bigtime and become a massive chart hit.

Tickets for their November tour are now available to buy.
You can read more about the band on their website.
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