Kettle Band Of The Week: Brighton’s Royal Blood

Earlier this year I once again took the trip to my favourite gig venue, Rock City in Nottingham, for the popular NME Awards Tour that occurs yearly.

Earlier this year I once again took the trip to my favourite gig venue, Rock City in Nottingham, for the popular NME Awards Tour that occurs yearly. The infamous music magazine each year picks out the bands that they have been enjoying and expect to hit the big time for their Awards tour which plays across Britain.
Previous acts featured include Franz Ferdinand, Florence and the Machine and even Coldplay, so you never know you may get the opportunity to hear the next big thing. 
The Awards Tour gigs always feature an array of different artists and so you never know quite what to expect. Before going I had never heard of Royal Blood and knew absolutely nothing about them. But when the band came onto the stage following Circa Waves, another great band worth a listen, what came next was completely unexpected and took everyone by surprise.
The roof was blown off as were the minds of the audience as the duo Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher made a tremendous noise that you could never believe came from only two people.
Not only was their sound spectacular but they were clearly talented and easily stole the show creating a mosh pit of sweat and head banging that rocked to their catchy songs. The audience didn’t want them to leave.
Since then Royal Blood have been moving rapidly up in the music world and becoming increasingly recognised. They recently performed at Radio One’s Big Weekend, Download and will be playing at Glastonbury and Reading later this year.
These festival organisers know what they are doing as Royal Blood are set to make the big time reasonably soon. Picked up by BBC Introducing last year they have been championed by many of the BBC’s top radio DJs including Huw Stephens. Their fabulous live lounge drew much attention and they even found their way onto Later… With Jools Holland. 
A unique sound reminiscent of garage rock and blues rock
Hailing from Brighton, home to other indie bands such as The Maccabees and The Kooks, Kerr and Thatcher have created a unique sound reminiscent of garage rock and blues rock influenced by the likes of The White Stripes.
Friends before at the start of 2013 on the journey home from an airport they spontaneously decided to create a band and remarkably played their first gig the following day. A year later they were blowing my mind and the rest of the audience’s at Rock City.
Clearly extremely talented the unashamedly loud noise they create is awesome and spectacular. With Kerr on bass and vocals and Thatcher on drums their sound is loud, brash and impressive. Even a band of five people could never create a sound like that of Royal Blood.
Best seen live due to the enthusiasm and power they pour into their performance it is worth catching Royal Blood at a festival later this year. Clearly passionate they are always mesmerising in stage, especially Thatcher whose drumming is unreal and like nothing I have seen before.
Although it is a short wait until their debut album is released on 25th August this year, you can enjoy their singles. “Little Monster” is their most well-known song which acts as a good introduction to the band. Opening with a thrashing head-banging motif on the bass it has a riveting rhythm and shows you what the band can do.
“Out of the Black” is my favourite though. Slightly heavier and rockier this is what stole them the show at Rock City. Get ready to whip your hair back and forth to this one! Lastly “Come on Over” is worth a listen to as well for an introduction and again will make you want to jump right into a mosh pit!
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