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Just my cup of tea

Tea has become a favourite British drink and it comes it all shapes, sizes, colours and tastes. A few of the Kettle Magazine Editors thought they would share their tea preferences.

Gemma Hirst – Ex Culture Editor

“I drink flavoured tea because it is good for you, I love how there are a range of flavours. After a long hard days work or after writing for Kettle Mag I drink this tea to relax me, it’s like a big hug in a mug.”


Sarah Goodyer – Business Editor

“I like my tea almost a builders’ brew but not quite, and with 2 sweeteners (controversial, I know). I switched to sweeteners instead of sugar as sometimes I can have up to 5 or 6 cups of tea day, and that amounts to about 200 calories! I’d much rather be using those calories for my chocolate fix.

“My favourite brand of teabag has to be Yorkshire Gold. You can never make a bad brew with Yorkshire Gold!

“My favourite mug to have a brew in is my Cath Kidston mug. It’s perfect for feeling stereotypically British with its floral design, and its large size always guarantees a satisfying brew.

“Although I love tea, I cannot stand fruit teas! I have tried on numerous occasions to like fruit teas, because they always have such pretty colours, but I just can’t get used to the fruity taste. Every time I take a sip I expect them to taste like a standard breakfast tea, but I am always left disappointed.

“I am a fan of loose-leaf teas however, but only on special occasions such as meals-out and birthdays. It also has to be served out of a teapot and drank with a teacup and saucer.”

Emmi Bowles – Lifestyle Managing Editor and Sex & Relationships Editor

“I used to always have my tea milky and sweet but since moving up North for university I have changed my ways since being introduced to the strong builders brew. What can I say, why boyfriend is from Manchester so milky tea isn’t an option anymore. A builders brew is my comfort tea, but my morning tea is a lemon green tea. This just wakes me right up and gives me energy to start the day.

“I always have to have a brew with me when I am reading though. It just doesn’t feel right without one.”

Lucy Pegg – LGBT+ Editor

“If I’m being honest I drink about three times as much coffee as tea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the latter too. My favourite would have to be peppermint, ideally with fresh mint but realistically from a standard supermarket own-brand tea bag, as I’m both an awful gardener and a typically budget conscious student. I also love a good mug of green, lemon and ginger or blackcurrant tea, but never ever normal English breakfast tea. I don’t care if it’s part of our national identity, it’s absolutely disgusting.”

Lorna Holland – Culture Managing Editor and Music Editor

“I’m one of those awkward people who likes their tea not too strong and not too milky, but somewhere in between! I don’t take any sugar in my tea either. My perfect cup of tea is served in my favourite Hufflepuff mug (which is so big it’s really more of a tankard than a mug!) alongside a couple of biscuits – as long as they’re not bourbon biscuits. Perfection!”