James Robb on music, his debut single and his craft

Teenage heartthrob James Robb is set to get hearts racing as he prepares to release his debut single this Valentine’s Day.

Teenage heartthrob James Robb is set to get hearts racing as he prepares to release his debut single this Valentine’s Day.

The 20-year-old singer songwriter from Hertfordshire has put his own infectious twist on the well known Frank Ocean song ‘We All Try’.

“It’s a remix of one of my favourite Frank Ocean songs. The man’s a genius. I thought it’d be cool to put a UK twist on it so that’s what I’ve tried to do,” says James.

Debut album

This year is beginning to look like a big one for the musician as he starts working on his debut album.

“It’s still early days but it’s definitely something I’m working on. I want to make sure I put out music that people will enjoy. It’s not easy but it’s a lot of fun and I’m learning and evolving all the time,” he says.

James began singing from a young age and is well known for his presence on YouTube, gaining 281,412 views on the popular site.

“It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. Song writing came a bit later- in the last few years. You can only go so far singing someone else’s songs.” He admits that he had to barge his way into the music industry to get to where he is now. “I’m still kind of wedged in the door. For me it all started on YouTube, uploading videos of myself singing and it just snowballed from there,” says James.

2020 artists

It didn’t stop there for the footie fan as 2020 artists became his management. “Everyone was pretty excited. It means I get to work with some great people,” he says.

James takes his influences from past experiences and portrays them in his lyrical content. “I take inspiration from lots of things. If I can’t relate to a song on some level, I feel like I’ve cheated,” he admits.

The British artist has revealed that he would like to tour with Kanye West. “I love his music and I bet he’s a lot of fun to hang out with. He’s probably got giraffes back stage or something cool like that,” says James.

James has admitted that his dream job (if he wasn’t an artist, of course) would be a pilot. “I reckon it would be quite fun. Plus I’m a bit of a plane geek,” he says.


The talented musician already has a swarm of fans worldwide, which he calls his ‘Robbers’ and he is guaranteed to gain even more Robbers after the release of his new debut music video. “They’re awesome. I feel blessed to have such a cool group of supportive friends,” says James.

James has shown that hard work and patience pays off. “Don’t be afraid to start small. Be patient and go for the things that feel right,” he says.

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