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Is having a boiler cover worth it?

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

A boiler cover is a policy that states that after having the boiler installed in the house if there be any emergency related to the boiler breaking down or needing any repairs, the company would cater to that and provide the best professionals going to that house and assessing the problem, and fixing it eventually. There would be no need of paying any money to them since you are already paying a monthly or a yearly premium, and you can claim the maintenance and repairs when needed. Corgi HomePlan explains all about the boiler cover in the best ways possible, so that people can understand the importance of having a boiler cover or boiler insurance for that matter.

A situation to help us understand better

Talking about if the boiler cover is worth it or not, let us talk about a scenario when there was a point in time when the boiler broke down at night. There is no way you expected that to happen and as we all are aware of the fact that the boiler repairs cost around $200, and that is a lot of money.

Here the important point is that along with having to freak out and lay there on the bed freezing because your house is no warmer, you have no idea who to call at 4 in the morning to come and fix the boiler and take the huge amount of money too in exchange of that.

One should ask a person who had had this situation in real life when he had to pay huge amount of money to repair the boiler and that too after having to spend the night in the cold room. Then the answer to the question of the boiler cover being worth it would surely be a ‘yes.’

Benefits of a boiler cover

While having the boiler cover takes care of that, there are companies and businesses all around the world that are offering these services so that their customers are satisfied with them. The boiler cover makes sure that they come at any time of emergency, fix the boiler in exchange for nothing because they are already paying the premium either yearly or monthly.

The boiler cover also provides the benefit of any repairs related to the plumbing and the blocked drainage issues, and the professionals are trained to fix those problems too. Be it a burst pipe or any other plumbing problem, and the boiler covers handle all of them on its own.


All in all, having discussed all these points, it is evident that there are a huge number of benefits that the boiler covers have.

  • And because of that, for that purpose people should keep in mind that they are eventually saving a lot of money in the long run.
  • Spending on unexpected emergencies is never considered good and so to avoid that we can pay yearly or monthly as premium.