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5 things to consider before saying “Yes” to a job offer

job offer
Written by Claudia Cole

There is nothing more exciting than receiving that long-awaited call. After endless hours of job searching, filling out numerous application forms and enduring palm sweating interviews, you’re finally met with the news you’ve been longing to hear. You’ve got the job!

It’s certainly something worth celebrating, especially if you had your eye on the job for a while. While you might be itching to say yes, there’s a few things you need to evaluate.

Research shows that around 1/3 of employees will quit their new job within 6 months, having already decided that they wouldn’t be with the company long-term from the first week. Some of the most common reasons for this include:

  • Wanting a higher pay
  • No career progression
  • Too stressful
  • Not liking their work environment
  • Wanting to change careers

Before accepting a new position, it’s important you ensure this is the right job for you. Here’s 5 things to evaluate (that’s if you haven’t already).

What will be your responsibilities?

Now I’m pretty sure you’ve already read the job description, but it’s crucial to understand what exactly is expected of you. Make sure to learn what your role entails and to question whether this role is suited to your skills and interests. If in doubt, it’s a good time to seek some answers, so don’t be afraid to ask the employer questions. It’s better to be sure than making false assumptions.

Is there room for growth?

Some of the most promising positions are those that provide the opportunity for growth and development. It’s what gives you a sense of motivation and helps you expand into new areas. When our routine becomes repetitive, we become disengaged and bored. It’s essential that you’re challenged in ways that result in personal and professional progress. Not only will this give you the chance to excel in high-stress situations, but it will also allow you to attain transferable skills that can lead you to further success.

What’s your commute like?

Ever been on an early train during rush hour and seen a businessman, snoring his head off with drool escaping onto his chin? We all know morning isn’t easy, but having to travel a great distance for work is exceptionally exhausting and it’s not worth risking the chance of being late.

Before accepting the job, it’s vital that you evaluate the commute as not only does it affects your finances, but it can steal away your precious free time. The last thing you want after having a hard day’s work is to endure a long journey home.

Also, it’s worth considering the convenience of the location. Is there a station nearby? Any cafes or shops?  It’s good to think about whether the job’s location is going to work for you in the long run.

Is the salary fair?

Does your pay cover your expenses? How does your salary compare to other companies with the same position?

Although they say money isn’t everything, it is still something that needs careful consideration. It’s important to question whether you’re satisfied with the pay you’ll be receiving and whether it’s fair. Be sure to do some research and make sure your salary is reasonable. If it’s not, don’t be too quick rule this position out. It’s worth contacting the employer to negotiate a higher salary. Whether this is your first job or not, your time is valuable, so don’t sell yourself short.

Is the working Environment right for you?

As you might already know, our work environment can greatly impact our performance, so if you find yourself in one that’s toxic, it’s likely you’ll be miserable and unmotivated.

Face to face interviews is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of a workplace environment, especially if you’re given a short tour. You’ll be able to pick up on the vibe with a quick walk-through, revealing any potential red flags. Another great way to get a sense of your new potential workplace is to research into the reputation of the company. Glassdoor is a great website that offers honest reviews from former/current employees. Who doesn’t like a bit of inside gossip?