I’m a celebrity – Should we get them all out of here?

Written by gdeanuk

So, the show crashed onto our screens on Sunday 13th November bringing in 13 brand-spanking new celebrities for us to heckle, admire and moan about.

So, the show crashed onto our screens on Sunday 13th November bringing in 13 brand-spanking new celebrities for us to heckle, admire and moan about. The majority of the general public don’t even know these people but this is our green card to sling as much abuse about as we see fit and to be honest, Sinitta deserves a lot of it. The conniving public are working their magic to ensure that Sinitta gets a few trials purely because of the stupid way in which she reacts and every year the flailing celebrity doesn’t realise that if you just stay cool you won’t have to do many more of them. 

I must admit, Ant and Dec were getting on my nerves with their Saturday Night Takeaway and mediocre game show banter but they are amazing on this show. They really bring it all together and it’s cheeky. It’s none of that PG rated humour you see on their mid-evening Saturday night slots, it’s something a little bit extra for the audience.

Growing up I loved FunHouse with Pat Sharp (I didn’t even realise he was a DJ until now) but watching him in the jungle is crushing my childhood memories. He’s crude and he’s definitely a bit of a perv. The usual generic pretty girls have been placed into the jungle, Emily Scott and Jessica-Jane Clement, to keep the young male demographic interested, but Pat Sharp, even though later stating he had a wife, was on a mission to stalk the young girls up to their one cycles, one showers washing facilities. Even though shunted by the girls, he still clawed his way up to the shower area in a final bid to get a glimpse of the girls in their bikinis. He’s also now taken it upon himself to rip into Lorraine Chase’s cuddly companion, Tedward – which I hope is no relation to Jedward.

I’m also a ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (TOWIE) fan and it’s pretty bizarre seeing Mark Wright out of Essex and in the jungle. It’s like when in that movie, Space Jam, and they invite Warner Bros. characters into real life, or when Homer in The Simpsons gets lost in this place behind their bookcase and enters the real world. It’s all a bit bizarre but he’s coping alright.

There’s the older characters like Willie Carson and recently departed Stephanie Powers who are/were… average. There’s not much to say about any of them and as I write on and on I realise that none of them are that interesting and the whole show is centered around watching people in the jungle. The only part I like is Ant and Dec and the Bushtucker trials. They are SO funny sometimes. The one where they eat various animal delights such as Kangaroo toe and bush turkey balls was amazing and the gagging of the contestants gets me every single time.

For this reason, I’d say watch it because there’s a trial everyday, it’s none of that waiting a week, getting asked to vote for the same trial everyday Monday-Friday. It’s quick to pick a contestant and it does so with hilarious consequences.