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How you can enjoy summer on a student budget

So it’s finally summer, or Britain’s attempt at summer that is.

So it’s finally summer, or Britain’s attempt at summer that is. After months of dashing from the bus or tube to the lecture hall to dodge the cold there is finally the chance of that odd day of glorious sunshine.

Now you’ve got four months of freedom to do what you wish—and I bet you need it. If like the good student that you are, you’ve spent the last few week cramming your time with revision from all those lectures you just happened to not have the notes for then this is this will be a welcome break.

But how, after spending the past year living on occasional food packages from your parents and in between making do with whatever Lidl has on offer that week but still somehow sitting rather uncomfortably in your overdraft, are you going to manage to enjoy your summer break?

Luckily, as always, the internet has answers.

If you’re lucky enough to be in London (or if you’re within a good travelling distance consider a young person’s railcard) then Londonist has a fantastic list of free smaller museums that you may not have heard of, walks and lectures. Why not visit the Bank of England Museum for the chance to see some gold bullion up close.

Elsewhere in the country it’s always good to keep an eye on Student Beans where they constantly have deals on everything from Mars bars to cinema tickets to clothes shopping. They claim to now have 623,477 members and to be able to save you £6456—not bad!

If you don’t think you can put up with the unpredictability of British weather then Workaway may be the website for you. There you can offer to do a few hours of work a day in exchange for food and accommodation from local people in locations around the world. So if you fancy sunning yourself on a beach in Hawaii rather than fighting the queues at an Alton Towers or Thorpe Park (with your discounted tickets, courtesy of this great list at Money Saving Expert) then this is the one for you.

If you fancy a bit of a health drive over the summer, why not start with a free gym session? That’s a good way to avoid those prohibitive monthly payments. You can continue your healthy summer by joining a running club. If you look carefully you can usually find one for free, a good place to start is at a Nike or Asics store where they quite often organise a local run once a week.

Another good way of making sure you can enjoy your summer but also survive it financially is to find a part time job. Save The Student has a brilliant resource which is updated hourly with the latest internships and part time jobs around the country. The added benefit of a part time job over summer is that gives you yet another item to add to your CV when you graduate.

So although you can’t guarantee the weather, you can definitely make sure you have plenty to do that won’t leave you with a nasty financial hangover come September.

Have a good break!

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