How you can best spend your holiday vouchers

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Written by Joshua_Daniels

So you’ve got a voucher for Christmas/Chanukah. The choice in most online stores is dizzying. What are you going to do with it? I’m going to break down this piece by various types of vouchers including Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.


The mecca of online shopping. Like eBay, only almost completely unlike eBay. Your options are nearly limitless. Allow me, then, to select a few items that are worthy of consideration. Depending on the scope of your funds, the Rice Cube might be a good place to start. It simplifies the process of Sushi production to: make rice, source other ingredients, place in Rice Cube. It is inexpensive, foolproof, efficient and practical. And it is £8.

Moving further up the price range, I present the Swiss Card Lite. Made by Victorinox, the same people who make the Swiss Army Knife, it is an ingenious credit card sized device that holds a small blade, a pair of scissors, a pen, a magnifying glass and various other contraptions. It is completely legal to carry around and will quickly become a staple of your wallet or purse. All for £22.

If you hit the jackpot, the motherload of Amazon vouchers, you can do a lot worse than to purchase yourself the Bose QC 25 headphones. They sound spectacular and are second to none at cutting out the noise of inconsiderate humans beings who are noisily unaware of your hangover/headache/desire for silence. But there is no easy way of navigating around the fact they’ll set you back £270.


Pretty much the be all and end all for digital content. An array of music, films, books and other content all beautifully packaged in sumptuous digital art. Although Google Play is also good, and I’ll be taking a look at that as well. Your hard earned (working on the assumption you deserved your gift) should go a long way.

As a result, the following albums might be to your taste. Trouble Will Find Me and High Violet are both albums by the National. In my humble opinion, they are spectacular. But I invite you to sample them for yourselves. Also, have a look at Josh Radin’s The Rock and The Tide.

In terms of films, The Social Network, Submarine, Burn After Reading. Need I say more. 

Google Play

The selection of apps is unbelievable. Unparalleled in terms of size and content variety. Have a look at Monument Valley. It’s a game, but the gameplay itself is short (if enjoyable). But, clearly, that isn’t why you should buy it. Buy it because it is graphically incredible. It is rich and colourful and beautifully designed.

Another game that is worth purchasing is Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery EP. It is set in a mythical world that is gorgeously constructed, and is accompanied by one of the best game soundtracks that has ever been scored.

Finally, it’s also worth taking a look at World of Goo. Another independently developed game, it is fun, lighthearted and carefully constructed. 

What do you think? What would you add? Have your say in the comments section below.