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How to sell your Apple iPhone in the UK

sell iphone
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Is it safe to say that you are searching for the latest iPhone or need to move away from Apple and go for Android? Indeed, selling your current iPhone can help you get fast cash to put towards the new device. Luckily, iPhones, for the most part, hold their resale value when compared with Android devices. Here are some quick tips to sell Apple iPhone online for maximum cash.

The process of selling old iPhone

With regard to selling old iPhones, it is a simple process. Here’s all you need to know when you want to sell your mobile phone.

  • Do  a thorough research

The first step is to identify purchasers that can offer you the best resale value for your old iPhone. You can get quotes by sharing the details of your handset. When you find the best offer, the purchaser will request your details to ship the package to you.

  • Send the handset

You should pack your gadget and fill the form, which has the details of yourself and the handset. You should then take the bundle and send it to the purchaser through the postal service.

  • Get paid

When the purchaser gets the bundle, they will examine it to check the details you had provided. They would have to inspect the handset for any damages. If there are any disparities, the purchaser will send you an updated quote. If you are discontent with the new price, you can excuse it. The purchaser would then have to send back the gadget to you with no charges. If you are happy with the revised price, you will get the payment within a few days.

Where can I sell my old iPhone

You can sell your old iPhone to a versatile buying and recycling company like Rapid Phone Buyer. We offer many choices that help the selling process become as straightforward for you as it very well maybe. If you need to consider other options, you can think of eBay, where you can demand the best value. Regardless, it is essential to understand that eBay is too crowded. There are hundreds and thousands of ads, which imply that there is no guarantee your handset will get sold. You can likewise approach Amazon, but they offer a gift voucher as opposed to hard money. An expert buying and recycling service provider like Rapid Phone Buyer will be your best choice keeping in mind everything.

Significant tips to remember when selling your old Apple iPhone

Here are some useful tips to make selling mobiles easy for you.

  • Get the best resale value

If you have the best resale value option with you, search for some more buyers as they can offer you a better price. The rates offered by different purchasers can vary. Critical specs, similar to the inbuilt memory, can influence the sum you get. If you have a 64GB variety of an iPhone, you should demand more cash than the one that has 32GB storage. You can moreover look for expert service providers that recycle mobile phones. Furthermore, you can also look for websites that have regular offers.

  • Check your device

It is crucial to check the handset before posting it for selling. It will give you a reasonable idea of how much sum you can get. If your device has damages, you ought to be clear about it directly. Hiding anything won’t help as the purchaser will drop the deal if they come to know that you had lied about the genuine state of your old iPhone.

  • Do a factory reset

It is essential to reset the handset to shield your data from falling under the control of a stranger. Resetting the data is simple, regardless of whether you are an Apple or Android user. Most buyers don’t accept handsets that have data on them. You ought to back up the data prior to resetting the handset. You would then have the option to restore the information in your new handset later.