A contemporary guide to sportswear

Written by Nigel Simpkins

There has been a prejudicial notion about sportswear that it never falls under the category of fashion. Like back in time, we met spandex leggings and tracksuit bottoms with disgust. But recently a seismic shift has been observed that depicts that fashion and sportswear co-exist to some extent. In some cases, people took sportswear to mean looking fashion and some took it to a higher-end fashion level. And if we look at our surroundings, then sportswear exists as a vital part of our life. 

If we look from a broader perspective, then sportswear is considered as a cultural divide signifier. It explains many significant things to people for whom fashion is a significant aspect of their culture and wealth i.e. lifestyle. But in actuality it does not act as a cultural divider and this happens by the change and evolution in the deeply trenched views regarding the sportswear.

Perhaps, many people consider sportswear a sign to express distaste for fashion designers and a chance to stand for the personal choices. Furthermore, sportswear also gave a considerable gender discrimination concept. 

The most surprising fact is that we have entered a new modern age and our wardrobes are a perfect living example of it. You will wear sportswear in every area no matter whether it’s an office, gym, or a snooker club; built for field and track. Old age people will not prefer sportswear but it has covered a major portion of modern age men’s wardrobe. This happens as modern age men proudly wear hoodies around the house, perfectly slays within sneakers by pairing it with workplace shirt-and-tie. And not only this, but he can also legitimately wear a baseball cap and smart joggers with tailored jackets. Above all, sportswear is considered as a part of our lives and inter-woven with our day to day attire.

Qualities of a perfect sportswear:

The choice of perfect sportswear is an arduous task and it requires proper research. Let’s discuss which qualities a person should look forward to in any sportswear. 

  • Comfort

Comfort should be your top priority. Prefer the store or outlet whose sportswear is comfy. Because you don’t only wear sportswear all the time, jeans and t-shirts are also part of your daily attire. So, the reason behind shifting to sportswear is comfort level if it is not, then without wasting the next second reject it.

  • Design

Mostly, people prefer the up-to-date design pattern of sportswear. So, design matters a lot in any circumstances. Prefer the outlet with contemporary and comfy designs.

  • Multi-purpose

Prefer sportswear which can be multi-purpose like you can wear on Saturday or a friend party.

There are so many brands that you can look forward to sportswear, for instance, Nike, Stone Island, Adidas, and many more. Nike is a well-known brand famous for its top-notch products; Stone Island is also famous for its creative and contemporary sportswear, and many other stores. 

Visit these stores and choose the sportswear in accordance to your choice. And above all, never compromise on the quality of sportswear.


In a nutshell, wisely choose the sportswear as the quality and stuff of it matters a lot.