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How to make your room at uni feel like home

Written by Lucyacton

So this time last year, there I was about to embark on a trip that filled me with fear, anticipation and excitement.

So this time last year, there I was about to embark on a trip that filled me with fear, anticipation and excitement. The thought of halls brought eagerness to my step but in reality I was moving into an empty room, with a bed, desk and wardrobe—a blank canvas.

Away from my homely comforts, fire and sheepskin rugs, I was forced to make this new ‘box’ my home for the next year. It may seem like a daunting prospect but in no time I was referring to my student accommodation as ‘home.’

Okay so this might sound like an obvious one but seriously put some photos of you and your mates up on the walls and instantly your room will feel more like home (but leave the drunken toilet snaps for your photo box, no one needs to see them). Pictures of family are also a good starter and soon you’ll be adding to your walls, with pictures from your new university life.

Unless you find the bright, white light in your room which compares to a surgical theatre, then I suggest things like lamps, bedside lights and fairy lights are bought! Obviously don’t go for the Santa’s grotto look but some simple changes will create a lovely mood.

Kitchen utensils
At home you most probably have coffee and tea pots out, tea towels on show and maybe a pot of kitchen utensils on the side. So why not do this at uni? Sharing is caring! So share all your kitchen items and become a ‘family’.

Notice how most student rooms have the same navy blue carpet or grey carpet… Whilst it may feel like sandpaper on your poor feet, the colour does protect it from wine stains, foundation stains and cheesy chip stains, therefore protecting you from a fine. Buy a nice a rug and instantly feel like you’re in your own living room. Okay maybe not but it’s a step forward.

Door stops
Literally the best buy ever! (Okay okay I know they are fire doors and are meant to be shut but who cares?) Prop your door open, chat to people and all in all get a homely, welcoming feeling in your halls.

Music can be a great way to make you feel more at home and a simple set of speakers is a great thing to have when chilling, getting ready for a night out or a night in. However you ARE NOT the next chase and status, so just beware of the volume. Not everyone will like your music taste.

Bed linen
Choose bed linen that you would have at home, you could even take your bed linen from home making it feel like it is home. I’d say choosing a colour or pattern is best as white can make your already blank room look very dull and unwelcoming.

Everyone loves food, so do what I do and make friends by using food. Put a box of chocolates on the kitchen table or have a flat biscuit tin and you’ll soon be feeling like a true group of friends.

They can be a simple decoration to glam up the plain white walls. I chose to tear fashion images out of magazines and made a collage (I know I know, trèsartistic) Other people in my flat chose music posters etc and footballers are also a good ogling tool. 

Cushions and blankets
These are also a good a way to make your room feel more homely and also with your door propped open, you’ll soon have the rest of your flat coming in to chill in your room. A perfect way to get to know each other!

What is your advice as you prepare to transition back to uni living and making your room home? Have your say in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter.