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Some advice to freshers before starting uni life

Freshers—hello. Welcome to university, where lack of sleep, lack of food and top class hangovers will be your best friends for the year.

Freshers—hello. Welcome to university, where lack of sleep, lack of food and top class hangovers will be your best friends for the year.

Week one, prepare to just man up each night and sip through the pain. Week two, prepare to feel like you are in Year Seven again, aimlessly wondering around to find your lecture theatres. Then week three, prepare to try and balance all of these and your poor funds.

I was like every other person I met

I was like every other person I met, ridiculously excited for my next three years, but fearful for my life, health and also social well-being, worrying if I would fit in or actually successfully complete first year. Not a silly thought by any stretch, but it is a bit overrated.

Everyone is no doubt having the same thought, and if they’re not then, they have been blessed with confidence that probably no one wholly appreciates. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Night one is weird. Your parents have now left you truly to your own devices and you are responsible for everything. I stepped in with an over enthusiastic attitude, a little brash and bold perhaps for the first meet of your housemates, but to be honest I didn’t really know what else was to be done…that soon toned down when I realised that my housemates weren’t so keen on the Blue Peter approach to life.

Nevertheless, we all endured small talk that is really ‘invigorating’ and we were ready to rock and roll. Apart from Anna, Anna had no food. Make sure you do a trip to the shops ladies and gentlemen. When this little problem had been rectified we were again, good to go.

Fresher’s week: Not the best time

Now, for the purpose of the article I am not going to bore you with the day by day journal-esque entry of what happened. But a few too many beverages were consumed and it was freebie central everywhere you walked. Go to your club nights, stock up on water and comfort food, and my friend you are set for fresher fun.

However, as the fun and games were had, fresher’s week WASN’T the best time of my life, I have to admit. I am more excited for fresher’s this year. After a lack of sleep I have a tendency to get a little emotional, and this happened. I doubted myself, my course and my path. Did I really want to be here, doing this?

A brand new experience

Looking back, it was a ridiculous time, but it definitely became central to my week unfortunately. And it shouldn’t have done.

It is a brand new experience, so doubting yourself is only a natural inclination, so try and just take this on the chin and complete the next event on your hit list. Grab some tissues, speak to your nearest and dearest, and to bluntly put it, man up a little bit. If after six weeks you still have the same thoughts, then by all means re-evaluate.

What I want to tell you really, in more ways than one is enjoy. Be yourself, treat yourself and embrace it all. When are you going to be able to do this again? There is no better time to make some new friends and look forward to the future that is being moulded from day one at university.

And remember, what you feel is probably what every other first year, second year or even seventh year student has, is and was feeling. Good luck. 

What is your advice to freshers? And if you are a fresher, what are you looking forward to most about uni life? Have your say in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter.