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How to maintain your relationship whilst at university.

University and relationships, traditionally, do not go hand in hand. The anticipation of leaving your boring home town for a new exciting city can be dampened by worries over how to maintain your relationship while you are experiencing, what some call, and the best three years of your life. Similarly to everything in life, some work, cooperation and commitment can maintain your relationship while you enjoy yourself at university – the best of both worlds, so here are some points to consider to help you achieve that.

Keep each other informed

Don’t keep your plans a secret, your other half is bound to be interested in all of the exciting things which you will be getting up too, therefore share it with them. If your plans and activities are shared then you are both likely to feel more comfortable when you don’t hear from each other for a day or so.

Plan in advance when you will see each other.

Even if you know that you don’t have time to travel home for a few week, pre book your transport and plan ahead, knowing that there is a set date which you two will be seeing each other again can ease tensions, not to mention giving you something to look forward to while you are stuck in the library typing an essay.

Maintain the sexual attraction.

Just because you are a couple hundred miles away doesn’t mean that any sexual activity has to die out. If you make time to keep the ‘flame ignited’ you will be surprised how much more stable your relationship feels. If it is something which you feel comfortable doing, sending some photos and sexts will keep the sexual connection alive.

Introduce them to your friends.

Just because you two aren’t double dating with your friends back at home anymore does not mean that your new friends have to be kept out of your relationship. When your partner comes to visit you, introduce them to all of your friends, they will feel much happier knowing who you spend your time with a good friend: 

However, keep a good balance between seeing your friends and seeing your partner, if you are heading off home every weekend to see your partner then it could be difficult to maintain your friendships. That also goes for when your partner comes to visit, don’t make them hang out with you and your friends the whole time they are there.

Be honest with each other.

Being at university opens up doors to try new things and experiment, if you find yourself in a position where you want to try something new then tell your partner. Even if it is something that they will not be happy hearing, it is better to be honest than to keep it from them.